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Okay; so a little introduction first. My names Erin, or more commonly known as Sugar and i'm 13. [: I already have one story on here about how I self-pierced my mid-cartilige and stretched my ear lobe but I have unfortanutely taken both of those loved ones out now. I live in the shithole called Burton and I have completely against piercing parents. Somehow I convinced them to let me get a tri-navel done, so heres what happened...:

I had already got a standard navel piercing done about a year ago, which healed up very nicely with no complications. So I only needed two more to complete what I wanted. I debated with my parents about getting some more navel piercings, and wore them down until they agreed I could get it done again. I asked my dad if he could take me as I knew he is more lenient than my mother, and my mom would flip out if she saw me getting two more and not one. So me and my dad went into town and headed for Jonnys, hoping to get it done that day. Unfortanutely Jonny had a three hour tattoo to do but he would call us around 8 and tell us when to come by.

..8 came and went so we called up and he told us to drop by another day, as he wasn't finished with his tattoo yet. So anxiously I slept and the next day we went down to Jonny's, signed the necessary forms and waited about half an hour before getting taken through into the back room.

Honestly, I wouldn't say it was the best studio ever but I have to admit everything was clean and I could see an autoclave in the corner and all the needles etc were in their sterile packaging. So it was a-ok :)

He got me to stand in front of him with everything straight while he marked me up. Personally I would have liked them more on a diagonal a bit further to the sides but the balls would rub together onto my stomach if I did, so I was happy with the way they were. Jonny then got me to lie down on a bench and went and got a pair of clamps our of the autoclave, and proceeded to clamp one side of my stomach. He didn't tell me when he was going to pierce, which annoyed me a fair bit as all I felt were clamps and then suddenly an odd tugging and pain as it came out of the other side of my stomach. He then cut off the plastic and put the bar through. It wasn't too bad, to be honest. However when I got my standard one, it didn't hurt at all. So of course I went into Jonnys with all guns blazing not thinking it was going to cause me any pain one bit... But then it came to the other side and the thing was he did this one deeper than the other, and you can tell. Oh yeah - and it hurt! I'm assuming that this is because it is deeper than the other one.

Jonny told me that if they didn't even out to return to him in a few days time, and he would sort it out for me and re-pierce one side. It has only been around two days since I had it pierced, but I think it is fairly obvious that it will not even out and therefore on sunday or monday I am going back to him to let him even it out.

It did quite dissapoint me at first but now knowing that it will be sorted has made me a lot more re-assured. He also gave us a tenner off the price so I don't think my dad was complaining either ;)

Otherwise than all of that the deeper one is starting to heal nicely and when I get my other side done I will be a very happy bunny :)

At the minute I have put a bar in with a large pendant on it so as to hide the top balls and I am quite satisfied with the way it looks. Until I get the other side sorted then I will keep it like this as it is less noticable.

Enclosed is this picture which was taken yesterday, the day after I had it done.

For anyone that is thinking about getting this done or something else I say go for it! Your stomach is something only other poeple can see if you want them too and that's why it is great for multiple piercings. My school is very strict on piercings and I found that this is a very easy way to get around them :) Thankyou for reading my story and happy future piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jonny
Studio: Erm...just+his+piercing+and+tattoo+parlour+%3A%29
Location: Burton-on-Trent

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