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Piercing A Navel When You're Plus Sized

I'm ashamed to say now that it took forever for me to get my navel

pierced. I would spend hours surfing the internet for photos like

most girls and eventually got to the embarrassing point where I

would look in a mirror and try to imagine a piece of jewelry

decorating a spot that I never really thought of as being all that


I was disheartened a bit by the fact that I have never had a small

stomach nor will I ever. When I was looking for information

specifically related to getting a navel piercing when having a

bigger stomach, I found a lot of negativity. There's a lot of

people out there who will try to convince you that it wont look as

pretty and that there's a million reasons why you shouldn't get it

done. Most of them are absurd and if you're like me, you will

eventually say screw it and get it done just to defy those who

sought to hold you back. If you want it done, do it!

I have had people ask me why get a piercing done if you don't plan

to wear belly shirts and show off your navel everywhere you go . .

My want for the navel piercing came out of a different place, I

didn't do it to show off in a club or to have some individual check

me out. I did it for me and only me, it was a sign of strength,

being fierce, and not letting anything hold me back. It was

following my heart and I guarantee you I love it for all the right


So anyway, I finally convinced myself that I would not die of

embarrassment when the piercer had to see my stomach and that plenty

of plus sized girls had done it. I had talked about it a bit to my

family but I finally just decided to do it. There was no rhyme or

reason to it, I went to the piercing parlor, paid the money and sat

very nervously as they sterilized the jewelry.

It didn't help that I didn't allow enough time to get to work on

time, thankfully, they were nice enough to let me call my work and

there was a lot of laughter as I told Target I was stuck in

traffic. Finally it was time and I realized there was no going

back. I hadn't brought anyone to hold my hand and I felt rather

fearless. As I walked back I realized this was the time to put all

fear aside and take it like a woman.

I lifted up my shirt and waited for a comment on my stretch marks

or roundness but he was extremely professional and nice, marked it

quickly, and asked me how I liked it. I laid back realizing I was

in good hands, this was after all the same guy who had done my

first tattoo and did a beautiful job. He told me to exhale on the

count of three and I kept my eyes on the ceiling expecting the


I felt a slight pressure, after all, a needle does pass through you

and he's like "all good?" I felt rather silly, I was like, "wow,

that's it?" He laughed and told me he had to put the jewelry in

but he just wanted to make sure that I was doing alright. It was

an additional pinch when he put the jewelry in place but I

seriously think that was just because I was so anxious to hop off

the table and because I was already sensitive from the needle.

So once he gave permission to hop off, I was way too excited to go

look in the mirror. Suddenly there was something beautiful,

seductive, and unexpected looking back at me, a tiny red stone that

glittered when I moved. He went over the aftercare instructions

quickly knowing that I was late for work and because I cut him off

and explained I had read on the internet most of the care

instructions, I was out probably within a minute of having it done.

I went to Target and showed it off to a dozen associates, funny,

for someone who had previously been worried about showing off her

navel, suddenly, it was beautiful. There was another girl there

who said she had always wanted hers done but felt like she had a

bigger stomach than mine! she even went so far as to say mine was

flat compared to hers!

I'm happy to say that I inspired her to go get her own done and I

hope she's as happy with hers as I still am with mine. So other

girls may smile and show off theirs in pride over their flat

stomachs but I keep mine hidden and display it only when I wish,

it's like my little secret and it will definitely empower you and

your sexuality.

So to summarize it all up, the pain was definitely minimum and the

healing went incredibly well! I never really pussed or was in a

lot of pain afterwards, it was more like just general soreness and

I was doing backroom work at the time which involves a lot of

lifting. I changed it after a month even though they tell you not

too, but no problems, and i'm in love with it still. It's convinced

me to go have the same parlor do my nose . . which I might be

getting done Saturday!

My number one recommendation on Jewelry is please don't buy it from

Wal-Mart, I bought a 9.00 stud, wore it for two days and had the

bottom part break on me. I'm lucky I noticed it before bed and

that all that piercing work wasn't wasted. Definitely trust

Spencers, hot topic, or a website that specializes in body jewelry it's the same rule as getting your piercing done, cheaper isn't always better.

Experience is well worth your money.

Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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