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Ever since 7th grade, I wanted to get my belly button pierced. I've always had my ears done, since I was 9 months old. I eventually built up to 4 on each ear, and 3 of them were cartilage. I'd heard that cartilage piercings hurt WAY more than belly buttons, so I didn't worry too much.

Since I was on a crew team (rowing) I didn't think that it would be a good idea to have it done until the season was over. Since it's a sport, and I'd be doing crunches and moving a lot, I couldn't see it working out real well. The weekend after it ended I went to my parents. After 3 HOURS of a discussion on why I wanted it they finally caved. They couldn't understand that people get piercings because they want them...not because everyone else has it or because it's "cool" (those are the dumbest reasons to poke a hole through your body...don't do anything like that for someone else unless YOU want it too) So I called my best friend to come with me, and we went to Monroe Ave.

Now downtown Rochester is a sketchy area, there's a very small part of it that's relatively safe during the day, and Monroe Ave is on the brink of it, so my Dad insisted on driving us. (Two teenage girls, alone downtown...not a great idea) We pulled up to Icon, and I was shaking. John was awesome though, he was calm, funny (if Tommy Lee was never a rock star, he would be this guy) and he had pictures all over the walls of piercings he had done. I even recognized a lot of the kids from school, so that helped to calm me down. He had also brought his dog in, a huge great dane mix I think. -I know that immediately sounds unsanitary, but the dog wasn't allowed near the piercing area and everything was sterile and in sealed, new bags. I told him I wanted my belly button done, and he looked at it, and was like, yeah sure no problem.

My friend who had gone with me had managed to never clean hers and it was infected beyond belief (still is)...so I was really nervous. In fact, she had been to have him pierce her's about a month before, and made the bad call of getting a swirly ring as the first one. Also, right after it was pierced, she changed it and put in this monster of a dangle. DUMB!. Also, she's stubborn and wants to do things her own way. Instead of doing what he said and cleaning it, she just put this tattoo cream on it thinking it would help. NOTE: ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PIERCER...they know what they're talking about, and tattoo cream does NOT work. He said he was more concerned about her than me.

So I laid down on the bed and squeezed her hand. He said 1...2...and pushed it through on 3. Honestly, it hurt like a bitch for a second- but literally just that. I felt the initial prick of the needle, mad pressure, and then the awful pinch of it coming out, and then it was over. As soon as it was through the pain was gone. At which point they noticed I hadn't bled and decided to have a dance party to Fergalicious. :/ I was like WHAT THE HELL THERES A NEEDLE IN ME- GET IT OUT!! So he did, and he put in a ring and that was it...or so I thought.

I stood up, looked in the mirror, said AWESOME I LOVE IT...then started to walk to the door, and as I reached out my arm to open it everything got really fuzzy and I started to spin. Of course then I passed out. I kept thinking how dumb I must look, this is the least intense piercing ever and I faint. But he was cool about it, he got a piece of candy and a trash bin in case I puked and they sat with me til I calmed down. Soon enough I was better and I thanked him and left.

I've cleaned it everyday until it healed, and every time I change it. However, I get so grossed out when I change it because every time I looked down I'm like, EWWW THERES A HOLE IN MY TUMMY!! (I guess I can't handle my own piercings psychologically yet) The only pain I ever had with it was the needle for one second- that's it. And I never bled either, it was the perfect piercing...minus the blackout. :P

The only thing I have to say about it is when you go to buy rings, hold them up to your stomach and make sure the stem is long enough, if it's too short, it'll hurt (I found out the hard way), and make sure that you really want it. I asked people if the pain was worth it enough that you would get it done again if you had to...and my answer is yes, it was that worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Icon
Location: Monroe+Ave%2C+Rochester+NY

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