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Navel Piercing Gone Bad

Ok I'm writing my experience on this site in hopes that impatient people like myself who are under the legal piercing age in their area don't get caught in the same trap I did.

I've been in love with body mods ever since I can remember. When I was younger and I'd go shopping with my mom and I'd see someone with a tattoo I'd always mentally snap a picture of it and look back on its beauty to pass the time. My piercing itch started when I was about 10 years old. At that time everyone had a second lobe piercing and I decided I wanted on too. So fast forward 6 DIY piercings and 5 years later and here we are today.

Last year I decided that I really wanted a piercing that I could show off and not worry about my parents hearing about. I thought of a septum piercing but because I didn't want to risk anyone at my church seeing it I decided against it. After searching on BME I decided to get a navel piercing. After about weeks worth of thought, I decided to take the biggest needle out of my moms sewing kit and a cheap cbr from the dollar store and just pierce it myself. That plan didn't go over too well for just one main reason, after getting half way through the piercing I realized that it was too shallow so I didn't bother piercing it all the way.

A month or so later I decided to ask my mom if I could get my belly button pierced at one of the tattoo shops on Vic Ave. Of course she said "What type of Christian would I be to go and let my daughter bore every part of her body!" So I thought that maybe if I kept on bugging her she'd cave and just take me, but she never did. After about a couple weeks of begging she finally said that if it was okay with my dad that I could get it done but he had to take me.

At that point I knew that I'd have to wait a few months till I was 16 before I could get it done, my dad would have never let me get a piercing. So when my dad came home from work, I rushed over with a big smile on my face and gave him a hug. He just gave me a surprised look and asked me what I wanted since I never hugged him. I asked him I could get my belly button pierced. He just looked at me and shrugged why not it's yours.

So that night I called around at some of the tattoo shops in the city too ask for prices. I settled on a little place called Simple Dreams. When I asked my dad to take me he told me that I could get it done but he's not getting involved by taking me. I was crushed. I told my mom what he said and she just said to wait till I could get it done on my own.

Christmas came and went and it was a new year so I guess my parents thought that I forgot all about piercings since I no longer talked about them. Little did they know that I had a plan. I heard from my friend there was a place in the back of the 306 store that did any piercing for 40$ and the lady didn't really care about age. So after one of my 2g plugs fell out after on a trip to the mall I rushed over there to buy a new on while inquiring about her piercings. She told me that as long as my parents wouldn't go as far to attempt to sue her and that I had some sort of ID she would forget that I was only 15. I know, I know. If the piercing parlour is in the back of a store I should turn the other cheek and walk away. But I was like; well as long as she's clean it's okay. So I made an appointment for the day after I got paid and left with a smile on my face.

It turns out that some people owed me some money and they both paid me on the same day so I just decided to go get my navel pierced after school. So I ate a healthier lunch and made sure that I was ready to go and as soon as the last bell rang I sprinted over to the mall. When I went into the shop the lady who pierced me (Suzanne) said that it was alright to move my appointment up a couple weeks because it was a slow day- I wonder why. So she had me read over a piercing waver and sign it then took my money and led me to the back.

Her piercing area looked very clean. I was about the size of a walk in closet. There was little sink and a bunch of jewellery cramped in a in a corner. There was the usual dentist chair in the middle of the room. She told me to lie down in the chair and lift my top a little. I'm 99.9% sure that she squirted some contact lenses solution on my belly and used a cotton ball to mop it around the area she was going to clean. She marked the area with a blue sharpie but she didn't ask me to look at it. She changed her gloves and started to open her equipment.

As she took out the needle she started to make small talk with me. Asking were I went to school and if I went to her the same church as her boyfriend ect. She had a hard time clamping me and asked me to sit up a little saying that all the fat girls that walked in here were easier to pierce because of their flab. She finally clamped me and then pushed the needle through. I felt the needle in my body but it didn't hurt. She said that all she had left to do was but the barbell in and that I'd be ready to go.

I think I nearly passed out when she said barbell. I had heard nothing but horror stories about barbells for years. She told me that she only pierced with barbells and that barbells were the way to go because they didn't cause infections. I didn't really believe her but I thought that I'd test her theory and see. I later found out that the only reason she uses barbells is because she's cheap and gets them from the dollar store a few shops down.

When she got the barbell in she cleaned it with more contact lenses and told me that I should lie down until I felt ready to leave. She also told me that because of the saline that contact lenses solution was the perfect thing to clean it with and gave me a little bag of salts and told me to mix it with some warm water in a mug and soak it over the piercing for 150 seconds. I didn't feel dizzy or anything so I thanked her and went on my merry way. As I walked towards the exit of the mall my new piercing stung like hell! I didn't realize that the barbell she put in was way to short so it was choking my piercing.

When I woke up the next day my piercing was oozing an off yellow colour I knew that that sort of normal but I called up my uncle and he said that he'd take me to Simple Dreams to have Bear take a look at it. As I already knew, Bear told me barbells should never be used on girls for navel piercing starter jewellery. It turns out that because my piercing could breath I had a small keloid forming on the bottom hole. He told me to use a ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to a cup of warm water to soak my piercing in once a day and to clean it once at day with half water half distilled witch hazel. He also changed my barbell to a cbr for free and told me not to take in out for a few weeks and to get him to change the ring so I didn't hurt myself.

Its been a couple months since then and some days my piercing is fine and some days its not. I think I might have some hyper granulation tissue on the bottom hole and it started a bleeding episode for the first time last night. After hearing nothing but good things about H2Ocean after care spray I've decided to give it a try so I ordered some online and I'm gonna try that and see before I retire my piercing.

It's always safer to wait till you are of age and go to a piercing shop that is well respected in your area. Better safe then sorry, happy piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Suzanne
Studio: This+Hole%27s+For+You
Location: Regina%2C+Saskatchewan

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