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Navel experience

On my 18th birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted as a gift for myself, a navel piercing. After sitting in Dunkin Donuts for two hours contemplating if I should go do or not, I finally decided, this is it, you only live once and I'm going to get it eventually so I may as well just do it now.

Completely amped up, my two best friends and I drove to Thayer Street in Providence and walked into the Rockstar piercing shop. I had never been in there before but a few of my friends got pierced there and ended up with successful, happy piercings. Upon arriving, I noticed the shop was very empty (thank god because I know they can be packed sometimes) but VERY clean. I was then greeted promptly by the nice desk girl. I just basically jumped the gun and told her I wanted a navel piercing. From there, she showed me the pricing sheet and I was okay with the prices. I then picked out my jewelery which was the standard banana barbell and waited for the piercer. While waiting, I questioned her about healing time and was kind of worried it wouldn't be healed by summertime and that I would be land bound because I'd be afraid to go into sea water with an unhealed piercing.

She told me since it's October that it would probably be healed by summer time if I took good care of it and I could even go swimming with it by then. She then pointed out all the starter jewelery. After that, I said OK.

While I was browsing the cases of jewelery and she was setting up paperwork, I set my eyes on beautiful navel rings. Of course, they were kind of out of my price range, so I just decided to get the standard ring with no jewels in it.

Shortly after I told her which one I wanted, she told the piercer, whose name is Jay, when he walked out of the room what was going on.

When I saw him I was like "this guy's got HUGE bling O rings in his ears!" I was very intimidated by him at first but when he opened his mouth, I found his voice to be very calming which was nice because I was starting to feel my stomach go in knots. He asked me to show him my navel and to see if I was suited for the piercing, he said I was suited for it. After filling out the rest of the paperwork, I paid and then and then he gestured to the little piercing room.

I walked in there with my 2 best friends who shared a seat in the guest chair and was then told immediately by Jay the aftercare process. He was great, great, GREAT. Answered all my questions and I loved how he made all the time in the world for me. He did not seem like he was in a rush and it was all eyes on me type of thing. It was great.

He then told me to tuck my shirt half way up so he could see my navel and then marked it. After marking it, he asked if that was okay. I looked at it and then pointed to my two freinds and said is that ok? They both approved and said it looked dead on center. So from there, I laid on what pretty much seemed like an examination table or it was kind of comfy and looked very clean, no ripped leather or anything that made it seem like this chair was on its way out like I've seen at other places.

As he was setting up, taking out the needles in their packages and getting ready. I was just talking to my friends and focusing on my breathing. I was so nervous.

Before I knew it, I saw the needled in his hand. At that point, that was when I just looked straight at the ceiling and just breathed. I kept breathing and then I guess I stopped because he told me to breathe in and then exhale. During the exhale, I felt THE PINCH.

It wasn't that bad, although I did kind of spaz out a little. My friends said I looked like a dying animal (haha). Anyway My legs wobbled a bit and my arms kind of jerked off to the side, but immediately after he asked, "are you okay?"

I replied with a weak "yes" and he continued on. He inserted the jewelery and as I was about to get up, I felt a little pain in my stomach so I just laid back down. He told me to take my time and a few minutes later, I breathed and got up. I looked in the mirror and saw my beautiful navel piercing.

I thanked him and then walked out. I had no idea about tipping, otherwise, I would have.

After two months, I kept up with aftercare. My navel was looking awesome. I couldn't believe it. I was like, "yes!! I have a pretty navel" but my stupidity decided to kick in.

A couple of weeks before, I had gone to the mall and walked by a few kiosk that had adorable dangly navel rings. I bought two at what I thought was a good deal and proceeded on.

a week after the 2 month healing mark, I decided I'm going to change my ring. It looked healed enough! Wrong.

After changing the ring, my piercing went hay-wire. It was red at both holes and then become unmistakling dry and just looked overall horrible. I didn't want to take the piercing out so I just kept babying it like I had always been only this time I was even more careful with it.

2 months later, with no luck in healing, I noticed the skin between was starting to get thinner and thinner. my boyfriend and I went back to the Rockstar where I had Jef look at my piercing. I told him my stupidity and he said, "yea, you need to take that out." With almost tears in my eyes, I said, "ok" and he took me into the little room and helped me take out the ring. He looked at the ring and said, "yep, this is a very bad ring because it's externally threaded and the quality of it was horrible."

I thanked him and asked if it was possible to get it pierced again in the future. He said yes it is possible depending on how I healed. He also told me to use mederma on it too to help lessen the scar tissue.

Walking out with no navel ring made me so upset because when he took it out, my navel looked HORRIBLE. It was discolored and inflammed but it was the best thing I could've ever done for it.

So since then, I've kept up with Mederma for the past 5 months & there's a small ugly scar above my navel but whatever, I definitely plan on piercing it again to hide it. I'm a little scared about scar tissue but I know it's definitely something I want :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jay+Pond
Studio: Rockstar+Body+Piercing
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