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Naval piercings...no problem.

Since the time I was twelve I had wanted my belly button pierced. A girl in my seventh grade class had hers done and I admired that her mom took her at such a young age. I also had seen other girls with theirs done. The more I saw them the more attractive I thought they were, and the more I wanted one. I liked how they looked, and figured the piercing was relatively easy. I found myself constantly pinching my belly button area, to test the level of pain I would be feeling. I couldn't get it off my mind. I wanted a piercing so bad, I always imagined myself in the piercing studio and myself in a bikini with a beautiful new belly button ring.

Until the age of fifteen, I begged my mom practically everyday to take me to a piercing studio near where we live. She always told me I was too young, and that piercing were a waste of money. For a while, she didn't condone any piercing besides the ear and thought I'd look trashy with a belly button ring. However, eventually I got her to warm up to the idea. I explained to her this is not permanent and that I would pay for it myself. Finally, she agreed to take me for my birthday as long as I paid for every aspect of the piercing.

Since we were unsure about how busy it would be in the shop, we had called in advanced to schedule an appointment. We were able to make the appointment the day before my birthday, right after school.

The whole day, I was so excited, but also worked up some serious nerves. I've always had a pretty moderate tolerance for pain but it didn't stop me from worrying all day about how bad it would hurt. I knew I wouldn't back out, though. I was way too excited.

So, on the day before my birthday my mom picked me up from school and drove to the piercing studio. The moment we walked in the staff was very friendly and eager to assist my mom and I in our piercing adventure. They were all very cool people. Decked out with piercings and tattoos, and by the way they spoke about body modification you could immediately tell this was their area of expertise.

First, the woman at the front desk asked to see my mother's ID, and some proof that she was my mother. (I used my birth certificate.) After my mom and I signed parental consent papers and purchased after care products, the woman showed me the jewelry I could choose from. All were standard barbells with different colored gems. I choose white, since it was the easiest color to match clothing with.

After the jewelry was chosen, we were led by my piercer (who's name I forget, so we'll call him Dave) to a designated room. The room was extremely clean, and well kept. Similar to that of a doctors office. Dave asked me to take a seat, and began to explain to me every detail of the procedure, and how everything was going to feel, while putting on a pair rubber gloves. He told me how each needle comes sterile out of a unopened package, and all materials used are %100 safe. I was feeling a bit nervous, but this made me feel a lot better, since I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. He then asked me to stand up so he could mark me with a purple sharpie. He explained he was very precise in marking, he wanted it perfect. It took him five tries, but I Dave instilled a lot of trust in me. After all, I wanted it perfect too!

After he found the perfect spot he asked me to lay down on the chair. He then clamped my belly button, which really wasn't even uncomfortable. At this point my heart is racing so fast and I'm wondering when the needle's going to go through my skin. He told me to take three deep breaths. On the second breath, I felt a slight pinch but figured it was just the clamp. I had my eyes closed, so I didn't see what was going on. Suddenly Dave says, "You're done!" I couldn't believe it. I hardly felt anything at all. "Really?" I said. I gently opened my eyes, and there it was! A perfectly placed barbell right through my belly button. I hopped off the chair and looked in the mirror, it was beautiful!

He gave me care instructions and I was off a very happy customer! I highly recommend naval piercing if that's what you really want. The pain is really minimal and really nothing to worry about. Even if you think you have a low tolerance for pain, this piercing really is a breeze.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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