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My Navel Piercing.

I made the decision to get my navel pierced a fair while before it actually happened. I had always thought of it as an appealing and attractive piercing.

When I went on holiday to wales, and I had parental approval, I decided to take the plunge and get it done.

I was somewhat nervous.

The total cost came to around £35. This was for the piercing itself, and the jewelery, which was a blue titanium banana bar, with a pink gem.

I went in and stated my business, and the lady asked me and my mother to fill in a consent form. We had to fill in all the details such as name, age, address, telephone number, e-mail, mobile phone number, medical conditions, allergic reactions, etc. and we were required to sign at the bottom.

I was then called into the piercing room, and the lady told me to take a seat on the piercing mattress / table / bed thing. So I did.

I watched as she got out her supplies which if I remember correctly consisted of a needle (in sterile packaging, of course) an antiseptic wipe in sterile packaging, a pen, and a dressing.

She then took down a box of body jewelery that was divided into many compartments with hundreds of pieces of jewelery, each one in it's own little packet. She then proceeded to get out the banana bars, and asked me which one I would like. I chose the blue titanium one, with a pink gem. She took it out, and put it aside.

She then rinsed her hands and put on a pair of latex gloves, took the antiseptic wipe, and asked me to lie down. She cleaned my navel and then marked it with the pen in the area it was to be pierced. She then asked me to stand up and look in the mirror to see if I was happy with the placement. I was, and then she proceeded to spray my navel with some numbing spray.

After about 1 minute, she took off her gloves, washed her hands, then put on another pair of gloves. She told me to lie down and breath normally. She asked me if I was nervous, and I replied that I was. She then said that she knew because she could feel my pulse in my navel. She carried on casually talking to me, about my holiday and stuff. But I was too worried about the pain to reply sufficiently. I remember it hurting a fair bit, but I also felt great relief that it was over.

She then told me to sit up slowly, and handed me the mirror. I was very pleased with it.

She then applied a dressing to make sure I didn't get blood on my clothes.

She then made me sit there and gave me a glass of water and a mint, which was nice. Afterwards, I went outside the room to pay, and the lady gave me an aftercare sheet, and a card with the shops details on.

I had to clean it twice a day with the provided solution (£2 a bottle), no more, and no less.

She told me to come back if there were any problems, and I should change it in about 6 months, and to come back to get it changed.

However, even though I religiously cleaned my navel / belly button area, I managed to get an infection. I think this is because I wore tight clothing at the time (my school uniform) therefore lead to extreme discomfort in my belly button / navel area, as the clothes were rubbing and pulling my navel / belly jewelery. The infection was not too bad, and it cleared up in a few days, after I continued my cleaning regime. But it made me think about how careful you have to be with clothes and certain types of piercings, however stupid that remark may sound.

About 6 months later I was no longer in the area, so I went to a local piercing shop to get it changed. I bought a neat crop circle navel bar that I still wear to this day.

I would recommend this piercing to anyone who is willing to wait the 6 months before cleaning. It is one of, in my opinion, the most beautiful piercings ever. I plan on getting my lip pierced tomorrow, so I hope everything goes well regarding that. Also, if you can find it, good quality body jewelery is a must. And if you get pregnant and have your navel bar in, it is a good idea to change it to a special pregnancy navel bar, to prevent the piercing from being disfigured or damaged by stretching the skin.

Good luck if you get this piercing, it is well worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: not+sure.
Studio: Abracadabra+Tatoo.
Location: Gwent%2C+South+Wales.

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