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My Navel Piercing

May 5th 2007, I was in Peterborough with my sister, Aymee (who at this time had over 10 piercings!) and her friends. I didn't often go to Peterborough, because it was over an hour away from were I lived but however Aymee did and she had told me countless tales of where she'd got piercings from [without my parents knowing!] and basically how good the place was were she got them pierced at. So that day, I had £60 with me at the time and decided that I'd go along with Aymee and co. to get a standard navel piercing. My sister had already had hers pierced before and she reassured me that it did not hurt. So I went along with this idea that it would be relatively painless.

The group of us headed off to FUSED, a small yet amazing shop, which not only specialized in body modification and tribal jewellery but also sold many, many awesome Manga and Anime comics, along with cool yet dramatic Stargazer make-up. Aymee introduced me to Chloe, the general piercer - is that the right word for it? - Who would soon enough pierce my navel for me. I had to wait for ten or so minutes whilst someone got their Monroe pierced (So during the wait I browsed the shop and bought a few comics - Naruto Vol.2 if you must know ;]).

Soon enough I was told by Matt - the other worker in the shop - to fill out a form, I quickly ticked a few boxes and wrote down my name and address for them. However by this time my hands were shaking with nerves! I don't know why, but a part of me really wanted to back out of this but a bigger and better part of me said no way Louise that would be totally stupid! So I proceeded with the whole thing and walked into a small yet incredibly clean part of the shop where I was going to get my navel pierced. The wall was plastered with pictures of Chloe's and other people's piercings, which all looked really great! I was told to lie down on a hard surface, which wasn't actually that, bad and show my navel.

Chloe explained that she was going to mark the top and bottom of the navel and asked how high I'd like it. Soon enough she got the dreaded clamps out, I'd heard my friends tell me that these were the worst part, but they really weren't. In fact the clamps felt like someone putting a peg on my bellybutton and moving it a few times! So soon after that Chloe produced a bottle of numbing solution, which was fairly cold! She then took out a large sterile needle and asked me if was ready or not. I told her I was, and she asked me to take a deep breath in and as soon as I did I felt a moderately sharp prick and the needle going through the skin. It wasn't painful. The worst part of the piercing was probably the pressure I felt as it went in. But all and all it was fine. Chloe then changed the needle for a black barbell, which looked great. She then told me to clean it twice a day with this solution she gave me. She then put a gauze over the piercing and told me to take it off when I got home.

I paid and thanked Chloe and Matt, and walked out of the shop...

When I got home my piercing hurt a little bit but overall it was fine, I cleaned it twice that was a bit painful and I found it hurt to sleep on my stomach. But apart from that it was all right.

But soon enough I started to have problems, I didn't clean it as often and I [very, very stupidly!] took it out earlier than I was meant to, and boy did it look red and infected. I cleaned it with a salt soak and the cleaning product Chloe had given me a few weeks earlier. But it didn't work.

In fact it was very painful to clean and live with, a few times I considered taking it out. In the next weeks that followed I lost the ball for it and had to plaster the bottom part so it didn't fall out until I got another barbell and I then caught it on my school t-shirt, which hurt a lot. It bled and regularly, I started to think that I had been really stupid with this piercing and should have cleaned it everyday. But I hadn't so I was paying the price for my stupidity. Soon enough after two and a half months of having it pierced I took it out. I cleaned my navel thoroughly and chucked the jewellery in the bin, an end of an era. To be fair, this was ALL my fault, I can't stress this enough, I hadn't cleaned my piercing enough and it was going septic because of my mistakes. I warn people who want to get their navel pierced, it does take a long time to heal and aftercare is a must but after all - I didn't get that far! - it looks really good.

I think put three plasters over the blood blister at the top and cleaned it regularly for about a week. Soon enough it was fine and I was left with a tiny scar, which I was all right with seeing as no one could see it anyway! Overall this experience has definitely taught me to be more careful with piercings and clean them often, however it hasn't deterred me from getting more. Soon in a matter of day's time I'm going to FUSED again to get my scaffold pierced, which fingers crossed will be a good experience this time!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Chloe
Studio: FUSED
Location: Peterborough%2CUK

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