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My Navel Adventure

Let me first explain the title of my little story: In my opinion, every piercing is an adventure. Don't expect a story of gore and horror, because nothing of the like happened - my navel piercing went perfectly, and was a great experience!

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted my navel pierced. As a little girl, I remember seeing Britney Spears' and wanting it so badly: I begged my mom to let me get it done for years until I finally gave up hope and accepted I'd never get it done. Well... now I'm glad that happened: I can't think of anything worse than seeing a 10 year old kid with a belly ring!

8 years later, I still wanted the piercing... bad. By this point, I'd already acquired 2 sets of lobe piercings, a helix/cartilage piercing, and a tragus piercing, but I wanted more - I wanted my belly ring! It was one sunny morning in August 2007 that I finally managed to fulfil my biggest piercing desire...

I woke up that morning, with a huge sense of power - it dawned on me that I was finally 18 - I was finally in full control of my body and what I do to it. The opinions of my mom, dad, and friends no longer mattered - this was my life, and today would be MY day. I had a quick shower, threw on my clothes, and made my way to the piercing studio.

I was no stranger to the studio: I'd been in there countless times before to get BCR's changed, and even watch the occasional friend get a piercing done, so as soon as I walked in, I knew exactly what to do and knew nothing could change my mind.

After showing my driver's licence, and signing the consent forms, the piercer led me into the small backroom where the magic takes place. She sat me down on the piercing bed, and went to the storage shelves to sterilize her hands, and collect the jewellery and piercing tools. She explained briefly what she was going to do, what jewellery she'd use, and the aftercare process. I was disappointed to find I'd have to be pierced with a very plain titanium barbell, and that I wouldn't be able to change it for some time... but there was reason in her madness - the simple barbell was lightweight, and would heal very quickly.

Next, she stood me up, asked me to lift my shirt above my belly, and stand very straight. She marked me out lightly, and sterilized my belly with a wipe. Then, she asked me to lie down on the bed, and explained that she wanted me to relax, breathe, and try not to tense up.

PINCH. The needle went through after a few seconds, and I must admit, I yelped like a dog! Although it wasn't that painful, it was sharp and strangely unexpected. I also felt a bit of resistance before it came back out the other end which was very uncomfortable. I briefly felt dizzy, as she inserted the jewellery, but after 30 seconds or so (perhaps sooner - it just seemed a long time), I was able to sit up and admire my new piercing in the hand mirror she placed in front of me. PERFECT! (Or so I thought at the time).

She applied a dressing, went through the aftercare one more time in greater detail, and then handed me the aftercare leaflet and contact number, before wishing me a good day, and waving me off.

I walked down the street in a state of pure happiness and excitement! I'd finally done it! I was overjoyed! A little stingy, a little tight-feeling, but happy.

I got home that afternoon, pulled the dressing off and looked at it in the mirror - it was beautiful, but perhaps a little wonky? At first, I was so disappointed, but now I realise it's actually fine, and was probably just made worse by the swelling. The top ball sits perhaps 1mm to the right of my centre, and the bottom ball is central, but it's barely noticeable, and with prettier jewellery, I'm sure it won't be noticeable at all. I'm just fussy and pedantic I guess.

It's only been 2 weeks, and I've already bought over 10 new belly bars for it... Unfortunately, I've got a feeling this piercing will be more painful to my bank account than to my body! Next stop - inverse navel!

It was uncomfortable sitting down fast or bending over for the first day or so, but most of this was to do with the dressing still being intact and restricting movement. But now, 2 weeks later, I feel absolutely fine and healing is going great.

I'm so glad I finally got it done, and to anybody else wanting it, I recommend it more than any other piercing. It's been behaving so well, and is so pretty!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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