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My Experience with Navel Piercing

For my 16th birthday my parents said it was alright if I got my navel pierced. Of course I was excited, but I was also nervous because I thought it would hurt and I was afraid of getting an infection. So I did some research and found bme, and I read some of the stories other people wrote in, and it helped a lot. Thanks bme!! =) I also did some research on how to care for a new piercing, the procedure that was used to do the piercing, and I also researched the studio where I wanted to get it done.

So the day came when my mom was to take me to get it done. I was so excited and nervous. We finally reached the studio and went inside. The guys in there were very nice, so it took some of the nervousness away.

My mom had to show my piercer my birth certificate and her ID, and then we had to fill out a paper with our address and signatures and such.

The piercer took me back into the piercing room. The room looked clean and it had a little bed like it came from doctor's office, and one of those trays like in a dentists' office where they put the equipment to keep it clean. The guy took a needle out of a package and cleaned it. He got a marker and told me to lift my shirt up and to stand nice and straight. He then marked the points where the needle would enter and exit.

He then told me to lay down on the bed. He put the clamps on (which didn't hurt, you could just tell they were there) and made sure they were in the position they needed to be in. he adjusted them a few times and got the needle ready. He lined the needle up and asked if I was ready. After I said yes, he pushed the needle through. You could feel the needle going in and coming back out. It hurt for a mere 3 seconds (a lot less then what I had prepared myself for) and the pain was minimal. The piercer then inserted the jewelry, which I didn't even feel, he had to tell me when it was through. It didn't hurt at all putting the jewelry in.

He then explained to me how to care for it and answered any questions that I had. I then looked at it in the mirror, and I loved my new piercing!! I went out to where my mom was and I showed her. We then received a paper with all the care instructions on it. My mom paid for my piercing (which was $50 including the jewelry) and we were on our way.

For the next two days, my navel was a little sore. It was only red a little after the piercing, but then it didn't get red at all afterwards. Whenever I would bump it, it would hurt a little but not too much. When I first got in the shower it stung a little bit, but after the first time it didn't sting at all. Whenever I clean it (with Soft Soap antibacterial soap) it hurts a little afterwards but then after that it's fine. I also soaked it with sterile sea salt water for 15 minuets, and it only stung a little tiny bit for the first few seconds after I put the water on.

So before you get a piercing, make sure you researched the studio and care tips first. Always make sure the studio uses sterile equipment and make sure they are truly professional.

Many websites I have gotten on gave thorough care tips, so do some researching on car tips (even though the piercer will go over these with you.

Also make sure that after you get it done you don't mess around with it a lot and if you do, make sure you have clean hands. This is very important because you hands have a lot of germs on them and it could cause an infection. You should always take a piercing seriously, because getting an infection would definitely be no fun at all! Make sure you clean you piercing at least twice a day using antibacterial soap. Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide will dry the piercing out, so try to avoid those. Try not to swim either, and if you do make sure you clean your piercing really good right after. don't put any lotions or anything on or near the piercing. And about ointments, many opinions differ. I don't use any ointments, but a lot of people do. Ask your piercer if you are not sure. A navel piercing takes about 4-12 months to heal, depending on the person.

Also, if you want someone to talk to, you can e-mail me at [email protected] I'll be more than happy to chat with you. I hope you love your new piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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