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My 4th time repiercing

I've always loved navel piercing and the thought of having a metal jewelry in your belly sounds simply cute. The first time I've even gotten my belly pierced was at the age of 12. I remember talking about it for a week with my friend. She told me she knew a place called the METRO MALL (which i do not recommend btw) where they don't check for your I.D. I was excited and wanted to get it done so after a week, I went there and came out with a playboy bunny jewelry in my body. My aftercare was to use Bactine all the time and surprisingly that worked well! But what cause the rejection was not cleaning the jewelry before I put it in and the jewelry was also kind of heavy.

I really missed my piercing so I decided to get it repierced again. I went back to the same piercer but I didn't follow their aftercare instruction to use Bactine so that also resulted in a rejection.

The third time around, I went to another piercer and he did it professionally. He told me to use Dial Antibacterial soap twice a day in the shower and to use a Q-tip to remove any crusties. I followed these instructions carefully but my mistake was changing the jewelry too early. I think another possible cause might be because of track. Since I participate in the track team in the spring time, we have all these exercises we have to do like crunches and such and since I had a metal in my body, it was kind of hard and maybe be harsh on it. Unfortunately, this time it rejected too.

It is now summer again and it's the year 2007. I've decided to get my belly repierced for the last and final time. I decided that if it doesn't work out this time, I'm going to let it go.

My friend and I planned out where we were going to meet the day before. Unfortunately my friend did not come due to babysitting so I went with another friend. She's not too fond of any piercings but she came with me anyway. Since the piercing shop also did engravings, we got matching rings and had "best friends" engraved on the inside.

I went into the piercing shop and I saw a certificate on the wall. I felt relieved because I know he was a professional and also licensed. I told the piercer I wanted to get my belly done and he looked at my scar before deciding if I can repierce it. He told me he wouldn't pierce it if it wasn't properly healed. It has been 3 years since I last got it pierce so it was enough time to let it heal properly.

The piercer told me to sit down and he cleaned my belly with some type of ointment before marking it. He said he can't pierce it too deep or that won't be good. I'll admit that I was nervous even though I've gotten it done before. I saw him take out all these packaged tools including the needle. He then clamped my belly and that pinched a little but I wouldn't call it painful. Then, he had me stand up and before I knew it, I was already pierced! It didn't even hurt... just like the last time! The piercer gave me a can of H20cean Spray but I was told to use either Sea Salt Soak or DIAL Antibacterial soap. I've read a lot about the H20cean spray and that it's similar to regular sea salt soak. I decided to try the sea salt soak and pray that it will be successful this time. As for the bottle of H20cean spray, it might come in handy when I can't soak my belly in school.

I paid and was ready to fly out the door but the piercer gave me his business card + email so I can call/email him with any problems I would have. He said I can go back to him when I'm ready to get my belly ring changed. The healing time he told me was about 4 months but I told him I'm going to wait six months. He said that's even better so I'll probably get it changed in the spring of 2008. The piercer also said swimming in the ocean would be a good idea.

Overall, I'm really happy with my piercing. If anyone wants to get it done, go for it! But make sure you get your parent's approval first. Also, check online and do a little research before you start. You might regret it if you don't do so. Everyone has a different and therefore the aftercare will work differently for everyone as well. Other than that, enjoy your new piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Sam
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