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I Lost My Virginity To A Needle!! YAY!!

I have always been curious about piercings and tattoos but I come from a very conservative and religious home. I am 18 and I still live with my parents so I decided it would be the best idea to play by their rules. I live in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies and I spend ALOT of time on the beach. I kept seeing girls with navel piercings and I loved how it looked. I tried to scare myself out of the idea by reading horror stories that I found. Soon I realised that the horror stories were either DIY or people that didn't research the shop so I spent the next couple months online reading about navel piercings, studying their aftercare, and understanding their history and the procedure.

I knew I wanted to get my parent's consent so I had to figure out how to get them to say yes. I decided to have all the information they could possibly ask for and all the reasons I wanted one and why they should allow me to get it done. My father was ok with it after I answered his questions but my mother did not like the idea. I talked to her about it on and off for the next month or so and she eventually agreed to it once I did not influence my younger sisters and once I took care of it.

My island is small and as a result there are not a lot of tattoo or piercing shops available. This being my very first piercing I wanted to make sure I got it done as best as possible. I spoke to my best friend and she decided to get her navel pierced. I searched on the internet and found a shop in Maraval named Tattoo Farm. It was run by a piercer who had been professionally trained and had worked in France and the US before he moved to Trinidad. Although the place was a little bit far and expensive I decided to get it done there instead of going to a small dark shop somewhere. The shops website had photos of the piercers and the shop so I knew the place was nice. The piercing would cost TTD$250 / USD$40. After reading the costs in other countries and converting it I decided that that was reasonable.

I told my boyfriend at the time that I wanted to go get it done and he was sceptical about it but agreed to go. We decided to go during the Easter vacation from school so that if I suffered any soreness I would be able to rest.

A week before I was going to get my piercing done my best friend went out with her boyfriend. She mentioned it to him and he told her about a friend of his that does piercings. When she showed me the result of the TTD$40 piercing I was horrified. I almost did not want to get mine done. Her piercing was horribly crooked. I talked to my boyfriend and he pointed out that she went to a tiny hole-in-a-wall piercer and that I didn't have to worry if I went to tattoo farm. I decided to still go.

I got to the shop and it was beautifully decorated and very clean. I spoke to the young woman at the desk she had a lot of piercings and I was a bit shy. I told her what I wanted and asked a couple questions. When I told her that this would be my first piercing she told the piercer that I was a "virgin" and he laughed. I signed the disclaimer read the aftercare instructions and spoke to my boyfriend and my best friend while we waited for the piercer to finish the tattoo he was doing.

When it was finally my turn I followed him into the piercing room. He introduced himself (I honestly cannot remember his full name now) and told me about the procedure. He cleaned the area and told me about the sterilization of the needle and the jewellery. He marked the placement and had me stand again to see if I liked it. I approved of the placement and I tucked my t-shirt under my bra. I lay down on the table again and he placed the clamp. The clamps pinched a bit and I was worried about the actual needle. He showed me the needle and told me to take three deep breaths. The needle went in on the second breathe and the barbell went in on the third. He screwed it shut and helped me up.

When I looked in the mirror it was love at first sight. It burned for about two days and healed very slowly but it is so beautiful that it was worth it. I used the salt water and anti-bacterial soap regime to clean it and I made sure I only bought quality jewellery. I am now considering a VHC and my new boyfriend agreed to take me for it because it costs almost TTD$500 / USD$95. I am so happy I got my navel pierced and I'm looking forward to this new piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Gilles
Studio: Tattoo+Farm
Location: Maraval%2C+Trinidad

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