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A successful DIY navel piercing


It all began a few months ago. My 14 year old sister in law and her friend tried to pierce her belly button with a sewing needle (very stupid). After it got severely infected and her mum finding out, she was forced to take it out. A couple of months later my mother in law asked me to pierce her daughters belly again because she really wanted it done properly and could not afford for it to be done professionally. She trusted me because I myself had 12 (soon to be 13) piercings including 6 lobes, 2 helix, my tongue, my labret, my nose and my tragus. I have also pierced my husband's lip, my mother in laws tragus and over 15 ear and cartilage piercings. I am by no means an expert but I do take very careful precautions when piercing.

The procedure went well and the piercing was straight so I decided I would do my own. It was not an easy decision to make, I have always wanted my navel pierced but since having my son almost 2 years a go, I still have some stretch marks. So I decided to go through with it any way.

So fast forward to about a week ago. I went to a nearby jewellery shop and purchased a 10mm 14g curved barbell with double light blue gems. I already had disposable gloves and clamps at home so I didn't need any more.

A few days later I was in a particularly bad mood and felt like this would be a good time to do my piercing, as I wasn't in the mood to be nervous. I began setting up my piercing tools in my bathroom. I had ordered a few catheter-piercing needles previously including a 14g which is what I used. It came fully autoclaved and in a sealed packet. I sterilised the brand new 14g curved barbell and clamps in boiling water and then peroxide and set them to dry on disposable paper towels on my bedside table.

I put on my gloves and laid down on my bed with a mirror my legs, a marker in one hand and clamps in the other. I proceed to clamp my belly and then placed the dots where I thought they were straight. I then stood up and went to my bathroom to double check. The dots were not straight so I remarked them; I then laid down and checked again, still not straight. After attempting to get the dots straight several times I gave up after realising that my belly goes crooked when I lie down (probably due to it being stretched for 9 months : p). Moving on, I clamped my navel with the dots lined up as perfect as I could get them, grabbed my needle and pushed it through piercing from the top through to the bottom as that was the easiest for me. It slid through easily but needed a little push through the last layer. I can honestly say that I felt no pain what so ever. It was quite amusing when my husband exclaimed," How the hell can you stick a needle through yourself!"

Then came the jewellery insertion. Because I was using a catheter needle it was quite easy. I just removed the needle leaving in the hollow tube, placed the barbell into the bottom of it and slowly pulled the tube out, easily sliding the barbell into the hole with no pain at all. I then screwed on the top ball and admired my piercing.

The adrenaline rush was truly awesome, I felt so proud of myself was doing something I never thought I could or would. And I was very proud of my new addition, even though it is very slightly crooked. It's barely noticeable. I gave a good sea salt soak for 10 minutes afterwards and dried it with cotton buds. After about 5 minutes of it being pierced I noticed a slight sting which came and went for the next couple of days.

This piercing is not nearly as uncomfortable to have as I have been led to believe. I could bend over and sit quite easily straight after it with no discomfort at all. The only time is hurts are when it gets caught on something or bumped too hard.

Overall I have to say it's not the hardest piercing to get or care for that I've had, I clean is twice a day with salt water followed by salt soaks for 10 to 15 minutes.

I must stress again that if you really want a piercing you really should go to a professional piercer as they are far more likely to do it properly and safely.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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