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Troublesome belly button

I've been interested in piercings from a very young age, and as I'm lucky to have quite an understanding mum, I've had several ear piercing, but last year I decided I wanted something a bit more interesting. After browsing websites for a few months, I presented a list of piercing I would like to my mum. She dismissed most piercings, like tongue piercings, nose piercings, and slightly more ambitious ones like anti-eyebrow piercings and septum piercings because she was worried about the reaction from other people. We eventually agreed on getting my belly button pierced for my 14th birthday, as this was quite a common piercing and so she assumed this would be quite an easy and safe piercing, as well as a more widely accepted piercing. We decided on Urban Piercings in Reading because it had very good reviews and lots of recommendations (I just want to add that I can't find Urban piercings; it's either been moved or shut down. I would recommend Carvilles in Burnham, Slough because the piercers are friendly and experienced).

The day after my birthday we set off to Reading. I was extremely nervous but very excited. We got to the piercing place, paid the money and my mum signed the consent form and then waited upstairs. The shop was very clean and bright, which put my mind at rest, but when it was my turn to get pierced, I found the piercer quite rude which ruined the experience a bit ( I have a problem with rude piercers, it doesn't take much to make conversation and it really puts the customer at ease). He told me to stand up and marked the place he was going to pierce, and when I agreed with the placing, he told me to lie down on the bed. The worst part of the whole experience was watching him prepare the needle. Once he has prepared the needle, he told me to shut my eyes and breathe deeply. He didn't use a clamp, but it was still almost completely painless. He then put in a 16ga barbell, which was slightly uncomfortable but nothing near what I expected. I left the piercing place feeling immensely happy.

For the first week the piercing was absolutely fine, and I cleaned the piercing every day, but I went to a party the Saturday after, and I'm not really sure what I got up to. A few days after that my belly button was covered in brown scab like things. I was really worried because everyone I asked had told me that their belly buttons hadn't done that when they got it pierced. I went to the doctor who told me that it might an allergic reaction to the titanium, which concerned me, and wasn't greatly helpful as he was still unsure, but I was determined and I left it in.

Eventually the scabs fell off, and I am still not completely sure what they were, but it was not a pleasant experience. It itched constantly and well, it was not very pretty when I wanted to show off my new piercing. Everything was fine for a while but a few weeks later I found a large ball growing behind the top hole of the piercing. I got the pus out but it grew back shortly after. It was painful to touch and put quite a lot of pressure on the actual piercing. I decided to resume cleaning it (I had stopped about 3 months after I got the piercing). The ball eventually went away, but left a small amount of scar tissue.

Also, I recently noticed the skin between the balls becoming smaller. I was extremely upset, as one of my biggest fears for the piercing was rejection. I changed the barbell to a longer and slightly more curved one, and since then it has been ok but I am still quite worried about it rejecting.

After that everything had been fine, but it has been 9 months since I got the piercing and it still hasn't healed completely. It itches terribly when I used bubble bath, it hurts every time I take the barbell out, there is still a lot of plasma around the bar and I am constantly worried about it rejecting or getting caught and ripped out. I love this piercing, but in my opinion it is not a good first piercing as it takes a lot of care and can prove to be more trouble than it's worth. I have since had my nose pierced and found that to be a far easier and quick healing piercing.

My advise to any mothers who are getting pressured by their children is to do their own research beforehand and not rely on the moral majority so much that you ignore important information.

Good luck, Hayley.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Adam
Studio: Urban+Piercings
Location: Reading

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