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my stubborn quest for a navel piercing

I had always been interested in piercing ever since I can remember but I didn't have too many besides my lobes. I had wanted my belly button pierced ever since I could remember even though my shy ways have always stopped me. When I was 15 and I felt that my stomach was nice and flat I made up my mind to get that navel piercing. I read stories on them. I knew what to expect, how to clean it, the symptoms of an infection everything you should know. With my mother's approval we went to all types of shops looking for a suitable place.

Every shop we went to told me I had to be 16. Me being stubborn could not accept that. I was determined. I began to wonder if I should just do it myself. I knew many friends that had done it themselves with very good results. I knew I would be fine I am very good about keeping piercings clean. I talked everything over with my mother and father, even my grandmother. I even spent long amounts talking to friends who had one and who didn't. We all decided that if it were taken care of it would look nice. I had seen many piercings that had gone wrong because people got careless with the cleaning. My mom made me promise that I would clean and take care of it everyday. With their approval my father bought me several belly rings all small that would suit my short stature. Now I am not advocating self-piercings at all. It can be very dangerous and it is best to use trained professionals in a clean and sterile environment, but as I said before I am just too stubborn. It was luck that my stubborn ways led to a happy ending and a happy piercing.

Once I had the belly button rings I contacted a close friend of mine who had done her's by herself. We borrowed a hollow needle from another close friend and cleaned and sterilized it, then swabbed it with an antiseptic. On the day my quest was to be completed I, and my piercer sought refuge in the girls bathroom (not the cleanest place but the lunchroom is too crowded). My piercer set everything out on an antiseptic wipe keeping everything clean. She swapped the entry and exit points and the surrounding area with antiseptic. After making sure I was serious about it she took the hollow needle out of it's sterilized packaging. I am a thin girl and have a belly button that is awkward not exactly in and not exactly out. We had a difficult time getting it to line up till we decided a slight curve would be the best bet. I took several drinks of my pop and breathed slowly as the needle passed through the first the layer of skin. I took several more drinks of pop and braced myself for the impact of metal. I stared at the top of my friend's head as the needle began to push through my dermis. I began to be lightheaded and the wall swam around me. The next thing I knew I was on the ground the needle halfway through my navel and my friend slapping my thigh. I stood up and leaned against the wall to steady myself, and then we started again. Once again I passed out. This time I told her to get the jewelry ready and I grabbed hold of the needle and pushed hard, it went through. My friend threaded the ring through as I pulled the needle out through the exit. She cleaned up the little blood there was and swabbed it with antiseptic. I finally had my piercing. I walked to lunch and bought some candy to revive my sugar levels.

I have had my navel piercing for three months now it has healed nicely even despite the fact that I had to replace the bar before it was fully healed. I clean it well with a formula specially made for body piercings and antiseptic. Besides some minor crusting every so often it has healed well. I am very happy with it and my mother is proud that I have taken good care of it. She has even allowed me to get several more ear piercings but that is a different story. Self-piercing can be done well. It's not the safest thing but if executed cleanly and cared for well the only problem should be the minor crusting.

Anyone who feels the need to self-pierce, DO NOT DO IT HALF-JACKED! Use proper equipment such as a hollow needle, and make sure you and the person who is doing know exactly what they are doing. Keep everything clean and sterile. I am not joking you could end up with a serious problem. My stubborn quest is complete! On with the multiple ear piercings.

Here is a picture of it; I am the one on top with the orange-y reddish one. And the Beatles shirt.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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