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My Navel, 3rd time around


For a long while now I have wanted to get my navel re-pierced for the third time. The first time I got it. It just rejected and the second well...I looked after it spectacularly and it still...yes...rejected. Those two times I got it done at a place in Scarborough, its not there anymore but I think its pretty dodgy comparing to primal.

I can remember when I got it done in about year 8. My friend Sara got it for her birthday and I was like oh that's so cool. It's shiny. I want one! So she came with me to get it with my mum and it was pretty breezy besides the fact that it was kind of uncomfortable sitting down. That one rejected so I waiting for the scar tissue to go down a bit and got it done again. At the same place. That time again it was pretty easy because I knew what was happening and when. I think that second time it hurt more that the first probably going through the scar tissue, wasn't very thick though. I knew that the healing time was pretty long but for others and me.... it would be worth it.

The second time it was pierced was year 9 I think and from then the scar tissue was building up slowly and looking a lot better. I've wanted to get it redone for a while now...I just haven't been bothered to go to town and get it. Yes I'm lazy. Here's what happened. My two friends, Cameron and Rachel, and me organized to go to the city just for a walk around and to shop and stuff. Knowing me I didn't realize and forgot about getting it redone. So I was just thinking about shopping and what I was going to get. The night before we went Cameron phoned and said that he couldn't come because he had too much homework, apparently he was weeks behind but in the end he didn't end up doing it because he had to help a friend move house I was pretty bummed about that because he's a really good mate and heaps of fun. I was working the night before thinking about it all. So I messaged Rachel and said oh Cameron cant come too much homework, and yes she was annoyed too but we continued to go and still shop. We got there and looked around for a while trying to find boost which took us about 1/2 hour. It was so hard to find. So we called another friend and he came along for a while. After a while we were at the bank because he needed money and I was like...oh...I just though of something...primal is here!!! I'm going to get my navel re done.oh.wait.i need consent, damn it, wait, ill call mum. She didn't answer for ages but I got through and she said yes. So we went to primal to ask about an appointment it was about 1:50 and the earliest time was 3:30 so I said yes and continued to stroll around Perth. We decided to go to Subiaco for a bit and then came back to get this done.

At this time Ben had to leave coz he had to be home at 4 so it was just I and Rach hanging in primal and waiting for me to get done. We walked in the shop and I had to consent to some forms and what not. And then they called mum and asked her if I could get it done. All good she said yes and off we went to sit on the couch. After about 15 minutes I had to choose a color of the jewelry either the double jeweled or the single. I chose single coz I had already got a sky blue and light purple double jeweled pieces from previous times. I chose a hot pink one coz I had not got pink. It was nice. Well that's what Josh said. So we waited for a while and finally Hailey was done with a tongue piercing and I was next. She took age's coz she really wanted to do a navel. Gee didn't I feel special. Rach and me walked into the room and had a chat to her while she was getting all ready. These rooms at primal were immaculate. We just talked about Cameron and how he knows her from his extremely stretchy ears and all his other piercings. Shame he was not there. She marked all the dots out and all. I lay down on the table and I was like "yeah I've had this done twice. I know all about it". And surprisingly it did not hurt as much as the previous piercing. She did cut me with the clamp accidentally but that was OK. She's extremely professional and would recommend her to anyone. Was kind of weird coz it was going through more scar tissue and apparently it was pretty thick but thin around it. She said that it's going nowhere since it's pierced a bit deeper, phew, that was a relief. She gave me some Microshield to clean it once a day for 2 weeks and then once a week after. Then once a month until it's fully healed.

I was all done. Happy and content. Rachel and me walked out of primal and decided to go home because my feet were hurting from walking around town in Ugg boots all day. We caught the train home well...I went to Cameron's to stay the night and she went home. I showed him. He liked it. That was good. And to anyone wanting to get this. Just go for it. Its not a hard procedure and isn't what you call painful. There's tones of jewelry you can buy. I say...it's worth it. After my third time, hoping it heals properly.

PS. if anyone goes too primal to get any piercing done. Ask for Hailey she's the best! Cheers

PPS. Feel free to ask me any questions at [email protected] or for just a chat!

Happy piercing!!


submitted by: hannah_1
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Hailey
Studio: Primal+Urge
Location: Perth%2C+Western+Australia

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