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My Navel Piercing Experience

 This is for anyone who wants to get their navel pierced, Go For It!!  It's not unbearably painful, and even if you're young or old or male or female it looks beautiful!  My parents made me wait a year just to prove to them that it wasn't something that I just wanted to get to "be cool."  They were absolutely sure that if I got it done, I would take it out in a couple months after being bored with it, or sick of the pain and upkeep.  They were even more sure that I would chicken out before I even got it done at all.  They were absolutely wrong.

When I was about 15 years old, I decided I wanted a navel ring. It wasn't to be cool, I just thought it looked beautiful, and was sick of the usual going to the mall and getting the ear piercing gun every time that I wanted a new piercing. Like I said, my parents made me wait a year, hoping I would forget about it before then or change my mind. They weren't expecting me to be counting down the months. So right after my 16th birthday, my parents signed the papers for me, and brought me to the piercer. They were so worried that they researched every place in the area that gave piercings prior to bringing me. They decided to take me to a place called Tom Spauldings in Albany, NY. The place looked really flashy, and some of the customers in there were making me nervous, but it looked clean. I was mostly nervous because I am generally terrified of needles, and have a tendency to pass out. I took some ibuprofin before I left my house just in case. I think it helped actually, because other people I had talked to said that it was really painful, and that they screamed when they got theirs pierced.

The piercer (whose name I don't quite remember anymore) suggested I get pierced with a hoop, because he said it was easier to clean and heals better. Despite his suggestion, I chose a curved bar (I believe he called it a "banana bar".) I was so scared I was shaking, the only piercings I had gotten prior was 3 piercings on each ear. (4 if you count the pair I had to take out and re-pierce.)

The man had me laying back, with my shirt lifted up enough to expose my navel, and asked whether I wanted it pierced through the top or the bottom. I wanted the top, so he marked where the piercing would go, and I ok'd it. He put a clamp over the area (which was pretty uncomfortable, a little painful, but not too painful.) I saw him place all the equipment on the table, and was relieved when I saw that everything was brand new still in the bag. I saw the needle, and it looked huge! I instantly felt dizzy and told him so. He told me to breathe deep and relax. The guy was really funny though, he talked to me through the whole thing. He never warned me that he was going to do the actual piercing, (which was probably smart) he made a joke, and I guess it distracted me, I felt a pinch, but I thought he was adjusting the clamp. He then told me the piercing was done, and just needed to get the jewelry in. The needle wasn't bad, i think i just don't like needles at the doctors because they either take blood out of me, or put drugs in me, it just creeps me out. Getting the jewelry in was more painful then the piercing itself honestly. He gave me a sheet with cleaning instructions on it and stuff to watch out for, and I was good to go. It couldn't have taken me more than 10 minutes for the piercing, and I didn't wait in the waiting room for more than 10 minutes.

If you are in NY around the albany area, I highly recommend Tom Spauldings, they were very professional, fun, they knew what they were talking about, and best of all, they were clean!

It was pretty damn sore for the first 2-3 weeks, I remember using a lot of ice packs, and cleaning it at least twice a day with non scented antibacterial soap. Within 3 months it was completely healed, and I could even take it out and change the jewelry. It's been almost 5 years, and has never been infected, and never given me a problem at all! It looks so nice, and after all that worrying, I didn't end up with scars, or infections, or anything my friends had me worrying about. It was the best birthday present my parents ever got for me!

My advice is to go for it if you want it! As long as you clean it regularly with non scented antibacterial soap, and use ice and pain killers afterward (and maybe beforehand), it is well worth it. 5 years later, and I'm contemplating my next birthday piercing as I will be turning 21 and want something to remember it by.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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