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Finally Getting What I Want And Loving It!

I always have had a love for piercing. After getting my tongue and navel pierced there was only one more piercing I really wanted to get done, this was my tragus. I tried to hold off getting this done because I knew people who had theirs done and all said it hurt. I eventually plucked up the courage and got it pierced. I then promised myself that I wouldn't get pierced anymore. Well that was until my friend came to meet me and had two navel piercings! I was completely blown away, I had never come across anyone who had this done before. Everyone I know has a basic navel piercing, which is quite a boring piercing, so I thought why don't I give my navel piercing a friend.

I searched on the internet for pictures and experiences of the base navel. I spoke to a few people I knew and they told me to go for it. I gathered money up and was ready to head to town, which was when I remembered I was going on holiday in 5 weeks. This really put me on a downer as I would have to wait till I got back to get pierced. Finally the day came, I was on the plane back from Mejorca. I couldn't stop fidgeting around with the base of my navel, wondering how they would pierce it. When I got home I rang my friend and asked her to meet me the next day to get it pierced.

The following day I was so hyped up. We made our way to Metal Guru piercing studio and walked inside. I asked the girl on the desk (I don't know her name) if I could get my base navel pierced and she said yes. Then came the following question, do you already have a navel piercing? To which I answered yes. This made the situation a lot more complicated than what I had first anticipated. She explained to me that I would have to be pierced with a smaller bar so that the two bars didn't rub together, resulting in my new piercing to reject. I asked to see the bars that would be suitable. She showed me a curved surface bar and a surface bar with the ends sticking upwards. After about half an hour I finally chose the curved bar.

After filling out my forms for the piercing I was ready to go through. My friend reordered the piercing getting done, which freaked my family out! Tanya (my piercer) had me stand up to mark the two dots to make sure that they were in line. I then laid down on the doctor type bed. She did the whole breath in and breath out technique, and my god it HURT! This was when I was told that it was a surface piercing, you think I would of gathered from the fact they pierced me with a surface bar! It felt like a big sting and then it was hot. I then laid there for a bit until Tanya was sure that I was fine. We then sat in the room and spoke for quite a while about different piercings, which was really useful. That is one thing people CANNOT deny about Metal Guru, they are really friendly and will answer whatever questions you have in full detail, no matter how stupid it sounds. I feel completely at home when I walk in there, the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing. If you are in the Stockton area then please try Metal Guru, I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. They are one of the most experienced studio's in the North East area.

After paying I walked out a very happy person. Me and my friend went shopping, which was when I realised that my bars were rubbing together. So I made my way back to the studio and asked if I could have a curved surface bar in my standard navel. They said yes and changed it for me. Some places pierce your base navel with an ordinary belly bar, my friend who inspired me to get this piercing had hers done with an ordinary belly bar, and it rejecting after 3 weeks. After getting home I put some salt water on it. My piercing had bled a little and was quite sore for a few days. I am surprised the whole piercing didn't rip out, as my step-sister was jumping on me all night. I also use Savlon spray (blue and pink bottle) this gets rid of the stinging, hotness and cleans the wound. I wouldn't use it too often, as it really dries out your skin.

It has almost been 2 weeks now and there isn't too much pain, I am still using salt water on it because there is NO chance I am going to let this reject. Anyways happy piercing xx


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tanya%2C
Studio: Metal+Guru%2C
Location: Stockton+on+Tees

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