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Another tale of being jabbed...a piercing I never really wanted in the first place.

 London, England... July 16, 2007: My cousin and I were shopping in Camden, London and we stumbled upon these absolutely hideous--er--adorable backless, sequined bellyshirts. After trying them on in the dressing room and taking many, many photos of ourselves, we shelled out the £7.50 each for one. With our bags bulging with these strappy, sequined concoctions, made to resemble the flag of Great Britain, the Union Jack, we continued down the road. Once we had established our reason for making the pointless and bizarre purchase, my brain began working. We decided that upon landing at SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma airport) on the way home, we'd run to the bathroom and greet our family at baggage claim, fully clad in our tacky, sequined disasters. My cousin, you see, had her navel pierced--I, however, did not. Six days earlier, I had gotten my right rook pierced by Bruno at A True Love Tattoo in Camden, London. The shop where we had made this ever-so-lovely purchase just so happened to be within walking distance of A True Love. After checking our watches and seeing it was only 11:20AM, we went to "Eat," a take-out food place, to wait for noon, when the shop opened.

At about 12:10 we walked into the shop and Bruno looked confused--he had just seen me three days earlier when I had picked up some BPA solution from him for my rook. Now what did we want? I walked up the counter to wait for him to finish up his phone call, which, to me, seemed like a frustrated flurry of Italian. Unconsciously I reached my hand up to my ear to fiddle with my rook (bad, I know, but sometimes you just can't help it), and without lifting an eyelid, Bruno quickly slapped my hand away. Once off the phone, I told Bruno that I wanted my navel pierced. Perfectly straight-faced, he responded, "We don't do those here. Too boring." I laughed and asked how much it would be and he told me. I don't remember the price, but I got a discount because he'd pierced me before. My cousin and I left to go retrieve the necessary cash from a local cash machine, and then we went back to A True Love. Bruno called me into the back room and I picked out my jewelry...I had the choice between a few different navel rings to start out with. The only difference was the color of the little stone in them, and I chose the plain clear one. He marked my belly while I stood up and checked the placement a few times and then had me lay down on the bed-bench thing. He grabbed the clamp and told me to breath, and then after some pulling and a pinch, I was done. He covered it with some gauze and made sure that we hadn't stolen his Oyster card since we'd been pretending to prior to the piercing...haha. I paid and he gave us hugs and kisses and told us to come visit the second we come back to London.

While sitting on the tube on the way to our favorite pub, the Arbiter on North End Road in Fulham (District line train to Wimbledon, get off at Fulham Broadway...and order the potatoes and a fruit slinger), I reflected on my new adornment. Common, yes, but I was happy with it. It didn't hurt at all compared to my rook. Seeing as I got it pierced for a split second of bellyshirt wearing, I guess that's a good thing. I've been happy with it and it's caused little problem. I just have a tendency to get stuff caught on it all the time, so sometimes it's a little aggrivated. In the beginning I would worry that it would reject seeing as I have a horribly stubborn body (see my emergency ear surgery because of lobe piercings in 1996). The first week and a half or so, my navel would be red and sore, usually too much so for my comfort. I wouldn't show it to anyone because of how red and angry it looked, but now all I want to do is show it off! Unfortunately, the only navel-bearing top I own is the sequined number...but who knows? Maybe I'll break it out again some day! All in all, I'm happy with it. It's been a good companion to my rook, never jealous of all the attention it's older sibling gets. Nice and mellow and very quiet...while my rook is pretty angry most of the time. I still clean it religiously seeing as the navel has a tendency to get infected...as does my entire body...and I try not to play with it. At this point in time, it's one month and one day old and it's never sore (unless it gets caught on something) and it's never red. It looks almost perfect and I'd seriously do it again in a heartbeat!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Bruno
Studio: A+True+Love+Tattoo
Location: Camden%2C+London%2C+England

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