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My Standard Navel Piercing

   For a very long while, I had wanted my navel pierced. I had lost a lot of weight and was ready to go get it done. I suppose the only reason I didn't get it done was out of, well, laziness. I researched piercings and their aftercare for a long while and was always interested in piercings. I figured I'd start off with my navel; something pretty, yet quite simple. While the healing time can be quite long, I knew I wanted it. My parents were fine with it so having someone sign wasn't a problem. The week after my 17th birthday I had extra money and knew exactly how it was going to be spent. I asked my mom to take me to Fat Kat to get pierced, and off we went.  
    The studio itself was very clean. When I walked in I was surprised that the waiting area was so large and everything was so clean. The staff was very friendly. Chris, the counter guy, and Michelle, a tattoo artist were there to greet us and had my mom and I sign forms and made copies of our licenses. Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease right off the bat. I can't say that I was nervous, I guess I was feeling more excited than anything. I picked out my jewelery; a stainless steel barbell with magenta-colored gems on both ends. Nate, the piercer, went to set up and clean my jewelery. I waited a bit until he told me to come on back.  
    The room wasn't tiny but wasn't large. It was immaculately clean. I saw the needle in the package and the clamp and other piercing supplies ready and waiting. Although my mom hates needles she came back to "watch." I stood up and he marked me. I checked them out and I was pleased. He had me lay down...I felt pretty dumb when I almost laid the wrong way on the bench, though. Everyone told me the clamps were the worst part, but I really didn't feel them. I was expecting something horrible and they definitely weren't. The needle itself felt like a tiny pinch and it was over. My mom turned away for that part. I barely even felt the insertion of the jewelery, something a few people said had stung for them. He screwed on the balls and that was that. Nate asked if I felt dizzy or anything before I stood up and I told him I felt perfectly fine. The piercing was completely painless and it looked perfect. I was in love. I got my aftercare instructions and my H2Ocean and paid at the counter. I thanked and tipped him and was on my way. I kept looking at it in the car with my small mirror being careful not to tug at the area. I was really happy that it was finally done. I stopped at the local supermarket to pick up some Bactine and went home.  
   I was expecting to be pretty sore afterward, but I really wasn't. Some people told me a day or two afterward they were in pretty "excruciating" pain, but nothing I felt came close to that. I was careful not to knock it around too much and only touched it with clean hands during regular cleanings. The day after there was a small amount of redness around the holes, but nothing out of the ordinary. The pain afterward was really minimal. I made sure to keep it clean and dry and never really missed a cleaning. In the shower, I used Satin soap to clean it up. Out of the shower, I used either H2Ocean or Bactine. Every now and then, it'd get a little sore, but right after a sea salt soak it was perfectly fine. It really never gave me any problems...maybe a little "oozing" but really never a lot of pain or redness at all. It's been a little over 5 months since my piercing and so far, so good.  
   My only set back was about a month ago when it accidentally was tugged on by someone in the pool. I changed it back to my original piercing jewelery to make sure I had a good quality metal in the piercing. The larger-sized bar made it easier to clean, as well.It was perfectly fine shortly after. I still do use a half water/half Bactine solution to clean it up a bit after the pool, the beach, exercise, etc.  I was definitely satisfied with Fat Kat and will be going back within the next few weeks for my tragus. I plan on having my tongue, industrial, and conch pierced, as well, sometime in the near future. I'd say that with any piercing, your results are always better when you take care of them well from day one. Learning the hard way is definitely never fun when it comes to piercings. Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Nate
Studio: Fat+Kat
Location: Keyport%2C+New+Jersey

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