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My Beautiful Second Time Navel

Hi! A few days ago, I got a standard navel piercing at Sinfulltration Tattoo on West Colfax, in Denver. However, my story requires a bit of follow up info:

About eight months ago, I was going through a rough spot; a family member had been diagnosed with a terminal disease, and I was away from my mom for awhile. I was angry and hurt, and I felt the need to rebel in some way that I could control. I had always wanted a navel piercing, so one day I went down to the dingier part of town, bought a 14 gauge piercing needle, and took matters into my own hands. The result was a straight, but VERY shallow, navel piercing.

A month later when my mother found out, she took me to Celebrity Tattoo to have my piercing checked. It was not infected, but she ordered me to take it out. I did so reluctantly, and after it closed up, I had a nice area of scar tissue to show.

Recently, my friend flew in from Ohio to visit. We both wanted to get our navels pierced, and after much persuasion, my parents caved in! I had originally wanted to get the piercing at Celebrity Tattoo, but a phone call revealed that they wouldn't pierce us because we weren't sixteen. After searching around, I came across Sinfulltration... I called the studio, and was assured that as long as we had our parents and IDS with us, we could get the piercings.

A few days later, we drove into Denver. My friend and I had to wait for a few hours at my uncle's house while our moms went shopping. The whole time, I was extremely nervous; I was most worried because I expected some pain if they had to pierce through scar tissue. When our mothers got home and drove us to the studio, I was literally shaking.

As soon as we walked into Sinfulltration, we were greeted by two guys at the front desk. There was a quiet girl with a lip stud sitting behind them. The guys introduced themselves, asked for our IDs, and made small talk while we filled out some forms. The guy who would be doing our piercings had his own collections; a tongue ring and a few earrings. He was very friendly, and walked us into the adjoining room where we would be pierced.

We had decided that I would go first. I sat down in a dentist-like chair, and was presented with an array of barbells. I chose a fourteen gauge surgical steel barbell with two purple gems on the top and bottom (pretty pretty!). Chris then had me tuck my shirt into my bra and stand up so he could mark the spot to pierce. He assured me that he would go behind the scar tissue, and marked two small dots with a purple pen. I had my mom and friend check them, and they both said that they were straight. I then lay back down on the chair, and Chris cleaned the area around my belly with some gooey, vaseline-like stuff. He then showed me that the jewelry and 14 gauge needle were in their own pre-packaged containers. Next came the clamp; it was smaller than I thought it would be, and pinched a tiny bit. It was here that I closed my eyes. He told me to take a deep breath. I did, and he put the needle through. It was a split second of pain, and then nothing; I looked down at the needle through my belly and said "That was it!? I love you!" He laughed, and told me to take on more deep breath. He then inserted the jewelry. This was probably the most painful part, but it still barely hurt. It did bleed sort of a lot, but he said that was normal because of the scar tissue. I was ecstatic, and loved my new piercing! Next, my friend went. Hers took a bit longer, and she told me afterwards it was VERY painful for her.

When we were both done with our piercings, Chris informed us on proper after care; ABSOLUTELY no bactine, hyrdrogen peroide, etc... No scented soaps, and no touching the piercing except to clean it. The total cost came to about thirty six dollars, but we included a large tip because he had been so nice and helpful. We went out into the main room and my friend and I compared the severity of our piercings; mine had been quick and painless, but had bled a lot, and hers had been slower and very painful. We watched a woman getting a tattoo while our moms finished up (she looked like she was in A LOT of pain =S) We went home with two sparkly, shiny, sey new bellies!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Chris%2C+a.k.a.
Studio: Sinfulltration+Tattoo
Location: Denver

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