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"A belly button piercing" at 12 years old

My name is Dina, and I'm 13, but I'm pretty wise about my actions. I guess at times, I'm a bit, scratch that, 'really' pushy. I was over at my cousins house, and we talked about getting her belly button pierced. I was 12 at the time, still being a virgin to piercings. I only had my first hole pierced and that was about it.

Skip 5 hours, and there we were standing in Claire's looking at the insanely 'small' variety of body jewelry. I moved the display case around a bit until something caught my eye, a little barbell with handcuffs on the top and bottom.... It was love. I chewed on that one barbell since the day I got it. I guess it was pretty awkward.

It was time for me to try to convince my mom. It didn't work, after all the information I showed her, she rejected me everytime and I was really upset until the point where I took matters into my own hands.

I took her sewing box, and pulled out a flimsy needle, (the only one there unfortunately)... I took an alcohol wipe and then I took a lighter and sterilized the needle, I wiped my belly button, put ice on it and then I took a deep breath and slowly stuck the needle in. It was a painful feeling. I hated it with every moment and realized what I was doing.

"I'm not a proffesional. I'm not old enough, and I'm not handling this the way I should be... What the hell am I doing to myself?" I thought.... It was like having the little angel and devil on your shoulder. The angel telling you to stop, that there could be an alternative. The devil telling you to keep on moving, ignore the pain, take it like you're supposed to. So, I simply kicked the angel off of my shoulder and stuck the needle in. Slowly and firmly, a little sharp firgure began to poke through my skin. I was almost there. Almost there. Ha Take that mom. The needle finally went through and a breath of relief escaped my mouth. It quickly took out the barbell and un-screwed it to put it in. Sweet Niblets. The hole was too small. I reached for an earring, and I found one, a stud, so then I put the earring inside, but the hole at the end closed up. I lost all hope and took it out. I should have been smarter, I should have been better. Why was I so wreckless? Why so ignorant?

I just thought that if I forgot about it, I would feel better and not want to get it pierced. Wrong. It was tempting. The more I looked at other's piercings, the more I wanted one of my very own to cherish and hold within every moment of my life.

I thought closely, and I firgured out a plan with a very close "friend" of mine. I didn't come home from school that day. I went home, packed my stuff and ran away. My mom called the cops a while later. And there I was on the spot being arrested. I hoped my plan worked. It didn't.

The next day, I locked myself in my room, starting pouring food coloring on the floor, showing wads of paper towels under the door. She thought it was real blood. She was convinced for sure, she just wanted me to stop. Fast forward 30 minutes, and we were getting ready to go to Queens Center Mall. We walked up and down the escalators. When we approached a place called, "The Piercing Pagoda". They said they didn't do body piercings, however, they did do ear piercings. What the heck, we were there, and I did want to get my second hole done, so mymom paid for it and there it was. Four piercings in my body. I asked her who did belly button piercings. She told me of a place called "Tattoo Monster"...

We couldn't go there at the moment, it was already 5:50 and the place closes at 6. So, the next day, my belly button wasn't going to be a virgin anymore. Mwhaha... Mwhaha...

I woke up early, took a shower, straightened my hair, did my eye mak-up, put on some perfume and got into the car by 12. My legs twitched on the way there. One part of me wanted this badly, another part was just like, "You're an idiot? Is it really worth destroying your body over something you might take out in 3 years?"

We finally found the place. I opened the door, sticking my head outside, breathing in the fresh December air. I walked down the stairs feeling confident. I made a bold move, I saw something, I fought for it, and I conquered it.

The lady who was going to pierce just stood there as I approached the main desk. She asked us how she could help us. I told her I wanted to get my belly button pierced. I knew it was $30 so I laid my money on the countertop. She handed my mom some forms to sign. She then told me to sign some, my signature was really shaky, it was cold outside. I signed it. And then she directed me to a bench where some people were already sitting. Waiting to get a tattoo, one of them was going to get a tattoo of his daughter. And the other one was going to get a tattoo of his last name.

She finally called me up. She told me to lift my shirt to see my belly button, by now, the place where I pierced it disappeared. She wanted to mark the place she would pierce it. My stomach was twitching. It wouldn't stop. She had to tap it lightly before it actually did. And then she showed me the needle she'd be using. I was amazed. That thing was awkwardly staring at me. Eh. Nasty. Finally, she told me to lay down. She pulled out clamps. And then placed them on me. She then pulled out the needle and told me to take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out. When I exhaled, the needle impaled my skin and the pain was a slight nuisance, but it was merely nothing. It was like a pinch. Then she put in the barbell which felt a little unfamiliar to my body. It was all done, and before I could look at it, a million things were racing through my mind. "Oh my god, I did it. I finally did it" ; "Oh my god, what if dad finds out" ; "Oh yes! Wait till all the kids at school see it" ; "Oh crap. What if people treat me differently because of what I have just done?"

Yes. I went home, and slept like a baby, man, was I tired, I went to sleep, and woke up knowing this was a not a dream, this was real.

Over the next few months, it healed really clean, no infections, not one problem. But then in May, it got infected. I was reccomended to use NeoSporin and H2Ocean. Which worked like a magic potion. Within 2 days, the infection cleared up.

Honestly, this was the best experience of my life. I don't think I've felt anything better. However, I did make a crucial mistake in deciding to pierce it myself. I was really stupid in the decision I made. I shouldn't have done it. I put myself at a bigger risk for infection. I would seriously reccomend you get it done by a proffesional. It was a mistake and a bad influence on younger people.

Overall, this piercing is great. I enjoyed it. And it's going to heal in a few more months. Oh yes baby!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: some+lady
Studio: Tattoo+Monster
Location: idkk

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