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Will I stop now?

  I Have had my belly button pierced for about 3 years, I had always wanted more but was not sure of what I wanted. I finally became bored and wanted to try something new. I am not a very brave person so I figured I would not get to extreme. I decided to have 4 more bar bells added. I talked to my boyfriend ( who has never had a piercing or tattoo because he so afraid of needles) about it and he was behind me on it. I was not really sure if this would be possible though at first, But it was worth a try.  
 There are not many places where I live to get piercing done, or to get them done right I guess. So I ended up back at the place all my friends have gone. I convinced my boyfriend to go with me and went into Crossroads where I also had my first piercing done. I would not go anywhere but Crossroad after this experience because of the cleanness and great staff they have. Everyone there is very friendly and very outgoing. I told the guy at the counter what I was wanting and he said it would not be a problem at all. He showed me some options of what would work and the sizes that I would need to choose from.  
 We walked around for a while trying to find something that would work to make a star shape on my belly button. We found the bar bells and went into the piercing room and I started to panic a little. Adam talked to me and told me how he would place each barbell and what exactly he would be doing. I wanted to back out and only get one at a time but he really helped to calm me down and relax. He put the barbells into autoclave to clean them and left which gave me time to start to rethink the whole idea and think about backing out again.  
 As soon as he came back I calmed down again. Adam convinced me I would be fine and it was be done in no time. When you are having someone put a needle through you 4 times it could not be fast enough! He cleaned the area and marked for placement. It took a few times but after about the 4th time we had it right. I gave him the ok and then came the nasty clamps. He started with the first one which wasn't bad and was over before I knew it. I felt the needle touch my skin and that was the only thing that I really felt till the bar bell. Then the second one and this time I could feel the layers of skin ripping as the needle went through. Adam had a hard time getting the ball in place and the fresh piercing became a little irritated, The barbell was in and it was already half way done.  
 The last two were the two I was not looking forward to. I have scar tissue from a previous surgery and I know it takes a little more work the get though scar tissue. Adam gave me some water and we talked for a few minutes. I had a little bit of bleeding which he gently cleaned of and we were back at it again. I knew if we waited to long I was going to chicken out and leave. I laid back down and he opened the second needle. This time when he put the clamp on it was close to the others fresh piercing and it hurt a little more but not horrible. By the time he got to the last one it felt like the needle was going through my whole body. He placed the last barbell and gave me more water.  
 My boyfriend came in the room and sat with me for a minute and shortly after we left. When we got home I had a small amount of bleeding but nothing like I had expected. I have been cleaning all my new piercing everyday and so far have had no problems. I had a small amount of redness for about a week but that has gone away. I have had some small crustiest since then but I can deal with that. I make sure every morning when I get up I move them all back a forth a few times and every night before I go to bed. From here I am going to convince my boyfriend to try a piercing, and who knows what I will try next. What ever I decide to do I will post it. As long as it is as pleasant of an experience as this one was. To answer the question I do not think I will stop anytime soon!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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