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Nummy Navel

After mercilessly begging my mom to let my get my navel pierced, I finally gave up (since begging only got her mad) and I decided to go to my dad and his girlfriend, hoping for a more positive response. He said he would think about it, and I knew more than likely it would be a yes.

So, when I got to go see him, I asked once more (since my dad was very forgetful). And he said he would talk about it with JoAnne (his girlfriend). Finally after asking my dad if he'd thought about it lots more, I finally got what I wanted. A yes! I couldn't believe it. I would be getting my second piercing (besides my ears) to show off to my friends. Since I was a little chubby, I'm still a bit unsure of showing it off, but my confidence will build.

So, the day me, JoAnne, and my sister went into town (because we were camping and the nearest town was one hour away), was like any other day. I figured I wouldn't get myself overworked and nervous like I usually would.

We went to the Wal-Mart and grabbed a phone book to see if there was a piercing parlour. Since I'm not very bright with phone books, it took a while. Some man overheard us and told us about a shop we could go to in Flin Flon (A place by Hoot or Hooters or something like that). So, after waiting all afternoon, I was finally getting my belly button piercing. I hoped the shop would be open since it was a small town. Luckily, the shop was open! I walked in and looked around to see a nice, neat, clean little shop. To my left, someone was getting a tattoo. And a lady was sitting by him, the piercing lady. I asked her if she did navels and she replied with a yes. I wasn't nervous... 'til she said yes. So, we filled out the necessary forms and she gave us a saltwater solution and a instructions sheet on how to clean the belly button. Then, we picked out our jewellery. I chose one with 2 little pink gems on the balls (it's adorable). My sister, chose one with a ying-yang sign on it. She told us to be very careful when buying jewellery and not to get it from Wal-Mart, but a good store.

After that, she pulls out the infamous purple marker and marks my belly button, adding I had a very nice navel for a piercing. I lay on the cushioned table (since I get light headed easily) and closed my eyes (being afraid of needles).

She put the clamps on (which don't hurt near as much as everyone says) and I grabbed JoAnne's hand and squeezed as the needle went through my belly button. 3 seconds of mild pain and it was done. I felt pressure then, and she took off the clamps and it went away. I slowly sat up and walked over to the mirror to examine my new belly bling. I was so proud of myself (considering I didn't cry cause I'm a complete WIMP). Next, was my sister. I turned away, again because I'm squeamish of needles and for fear of fainting. I was surprised she went through with it after watching my go through with it, but she did, almost crying herself(and she's the tougher, YOUNGER sister) But, she got hers done and then, hers started to bleed.. I saw the blood and (for the most part) fainted. I was on the ground, dizzy.

The man (who had finished his tattoo on his customer) filled my a coffee cup with water and handed it to me. I drank it and he took it and gave me another cup as I sat there and swayed. I slowly started to sit myself up. The lady explained since getting the piercing was an adrenalin rush, I needed something in my stomach before I came to get it done (since all I had eaten that day was a piece of toast). But, we paid the lady ($100, or $50 each) and walked out of the parlour. I wanted to show it off so bad! I played with it until we got back to the campsite, where I washed it.

I've had it for a week or so now, and its a tad red under the top ball but it doesn't hurt unless I catch it with my fingers.

When I got home, my mom freaked... but she's ok with it now. But when she looks at me cleaning it in the bathroom, she just shakes her head. Well, it was an interesting experience to say the least, but I'm so proud of myself for going through with it. I seriously suggest doing this, it looks awesome and fun to show off!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Location: Flin+Flon%2C+Manitoba

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