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Navel piercing then Warped Tour? Bad Idea.

This is definitely not some normal story. Asking for a lip ring, getting your belly button pierced, then going to warped tour? Yeah, that's normal.

Since I was 11, I've always been into piercings. So, since about last May, I realized I really wanted a lip ring. So I kept asking non-stop for it, but I always got a "no" from my dad, of course. So then we made a deal that in December if I got good grades and was responsible, I could get it done. So then last weekend I missed a whole night of sleep because I was reading about navel piercings, looking at stories, watching videos, and looking at pictures, and became oddly interested in them. So then I asked him, a few months after asking him for the lip ring, if I could get my navel done while I'm waiting for my lip ring. He said, "you can get your belly button done now, but you have to wait until you move out to get anything else pierced." Well, since I've already waited 4 years for my lip, I figured I could wait another 4 years. So, now I'm getting my navel pierced!

We called Rock N' Roll Tattoos and asked what time they were open, how old you have to be, the price, ect.. but ended up going to Ink Spot, since it was 3 minutes away from my dad's office. Then we filled out forms and stuff, drove back to his office to get it notified, drove back to Ink Spot, and it cost 60$, for the piercing and the standard barbel jewelry, then I just waited in the room for the piercer, and he came and took me, my sister, and dad into a little piercing room. He marked where the piecing was going to be then told me to lay down, so he took the clamps (by this time, I was holding my sisters hands.) and pulled my skin up, then he popped the needle through, it only hurt for about 1 second, then he pushed it harder, so it would come out. Then put the jewelry in, it came out really pretty, too. So, then we left and I was happy. It was healing fine and nothing was going wrong.

Then a few days later, I went to Warped Tour. I guess while I was circle pitting, running to stages, or being slammed into the barricades... the barbel broke, because during on the bands, I looked down at it and started flipping out. One of the ends to the barbel was sticking out of my skin making another hole. So after the band played, we ran around trying to find booths that sold body piercings. Then we found a 10$ booth that had some, and he's like, "what gauge are you?" and I was like, "oh, I don't know, I just got it a few days ago." Then one of my friends had to figure it out, and she said I was 16g, so we picked that.

So, I held Stef's hand while Amy took out my gorgeous barbel and replaced it with a hideous beaded lip barbel. Amy was like, "Okay, Tia, pinch your skin now..." So I did, and the shoved it through, and I was screaming. It hurt terribly, and Stef was saying it hurt because it was in the middle of healing when all of this happened. Before, my navel looked fine, and now it's red and I can barely take deep breaths. Now I have to spray salt water on it all day and put Hydrogen Peroxide on it 3 times a day. Sometimes during the day, the bottom part of the jewelry will get stick on the inside of my belly button, and I'd have to push down on it or maybe twist it around for a minute. Everybody is saying that I have to take out the barbel and clean my skin and the jewelry, but I can't do that because putting it back in would hurt just as bad as it did the 2nd time, and I can't even put it in, anyway. Even better, next week im going to Alaska and we're going to be doing things all day for a week and I know something is going to go wrong.

I wish I would have stuck with getting that lip ring, I'm sure it would have been alot easier to take care of since it's on your face and you can notice if anything is going wrong with it. Today is my sisters 16th birthday and she wants her navel pierced, (copying me?) and I'm trying to talk her out of it, it doesn't seem to be working.

Basically, if your getting your navel pierced, wait until after something huge happens in your town or after you get back from vacation. Don't get pierced and then start moshing 3 days later, it's not very smart, I can tell you that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Ink+Spot
Location: orlando

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