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My first real piercing, my navel.

my first real piercing, my navel

Ever since I was little I've wanted a belly button piercing. My older cousin who I had admired a lot got one, and it thought it was so pretty. I knew that my mom had thought that nose piercings "could" be pretty, but I didn't know about belly button piercings. So one day, I asked her if it would be okay if I got it done. She didn't seem too upset by me asking, but she said we'd talk about it.

I went to my dad's house the following weekend and talked to my dad and step-mom about it. My dad wasn't too thrilled, but he said that if it was okay with my mom then it was okay with him. And my step-mom, who I've known since I was a baby, was okay with it because she's the coolest person EVER. Haha. so, I told my mom that my dad said it was okay so my mom agreed too. But I had to pay for it myself. since I still had money left over from Christmas, I could get it any day now!

For the next couple weeks I would keep asking my mom "can I PLEASE get it pierced this weekend?" and she's keep saying "no, not this week" and I was getting to be very annoyed. She still didn't want me to do it and was trying to put it off as long as possible haha. So, one weekend when I went over my dad's I convinced Brenda (my step-mom) to bring me to get my belly button pierced. My dad didn't want to watch it so he didn't go haha.

So, we called a few places to see how much they charged. The first place charged like 65 dollars, and I only had 50. So we called another place and it was 50 bucks! We got in our car and drove where we thought it was, but we got lost or something so we went back home to call for directions.

Once we got there, I didn't really like the look of the place. It was right next to a restaurant and it smelled like pizza, which was kind of icky. But it was clean enough so it wasn't a problem. The piercer was this old guy who wasn't too friendly but he explained everything he needed to. So I lifted up my shirt and he cleaned my belly area, and then I laid down on the chair thing while he put on gloves and got the needle ready. I was pretty nervous, when he was cleaning my belly my legs were shaking a little bit haha. But it was fine. So he got his clamp and aligned it with the mark he made. The clamp did kind of hurt, but it was bearable. Then he put the needle through. It took a few more seconds than I thought it would, it seemed like he got the needle stuck or something but he didn't. So then he replaced the needle with a captive bead ring and I stood up my legs still wobbly. I was looking at my step-mom the whole time, and she seemed more nervous than I was haha. She said she was very proud of me because I didn't even flinch when they stuck the needle through. The piercer told me not to play with it, only touch it when i have clean hands and use antibacterial soap only. But I did touch it a lot and it didn't get infected haha. My friend JannJannaavel piercing did though, because she touched it a lot. Maybe she had dirty hands? Haha.

So twice a day I would clean it, and I never had any problems with it. It was a little sore over the next few days but it was fine.

The piercer told me to wait 4 months to a year before changing the ring, but I only waited 2 months. Mine healed very quickly! It took me a while to figure out how to take the ball off the captive bead ring, it was on there tight. And I broke a couple nails during that process haha.

So, that was about 6 months ago and I still have my piercing, and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a cute piercing and doesn't want to worry about people knowing they have a piercing without them wanting to, since it's under your clothes it's easy to conceal.

I'm actually going to get my lip pierced too, as soon as my braces come off. Which is in about a week. Now THAT took a long time to convince my mom, she HATES lip piercings. Haha. And I know my whole family is going to absolutely hate it, but whatever.

I hope this story wasn't too boring. Thanks for reading!

Love, Lou

p.s. here's a picture if you want to see my navel piercing (the tattoo isn't real by the way haha).




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on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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