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My first navel piercing

I'm pretty much a complete wimp with pain, before my navel piercing I'd already chickened out of getting my ears pierced when I was younger and I only got them done last year! Once my boyfriend and his mum finally persuaded me to get them done and I found out that after five years of being terrified of piercing it wasn't that bad and in fact, I didn't even feel them being pierced.

My mum was fine about me getting my ears done seeing as it was such a popular piercing, but I think she was relieved that I was so scared about it because it meant I wouldn't want anything else pierced. That soon went out of the window!

Since getting my ears done id been having a really big urge to get something else pierced; and I decided on my navel. I asked around at school and everyone that had had it done convinced me that it didn't hurt and that I should go for it. So after a lot of researching on the internet, I found the BME site and the more stories I read and pictures I saw, the more convinced I was that I wanted to get it done. I was slightly worried about bringing it up with my mum but she was surprisingly ok with it, which surprised me after she had previously told me I couldn't get it done until I was 16.

The day finally came round when we were all free and had decided what we wanted to get pierced. So after picking up a friend for moral support we headed off into new revolution. My boyfriend went in first to have a second eyebrow piercing, and while he was in there I started to get pre-piercing nerves and started feeling dizzy and sick. I was still convinced I wanted to get it done though and after about 5 minutes he was done and I was called in to the piercing room. The guy who did it was great, and he made me feel a lot more comfortable and confident than I had been 5 minutes beforehand. He handed me a few sealed packets with barbells in and I chose a silver one with a plain silvery gem. (I would have preferred one without a gem but I will just buy one once it has healed). I didn't look round too much because I was scared of seeing the needle which would have probably made me nervous and back out, but I noticed that everything was extremely clean and all the equipment I saw was sterile and wrapped up. The piercing studio itself is great, as well as it being really clean there are posters up and a computer with music playing, as well as a load of pictures of the piercers with their families, which made it look a lot less scary and less like a dentists office!

He took a lot of care when marking me up, checking and double checking with another piercer to make sure it was straight. When we were both happy with it, I lay down on the dentist-type chair thing and put my friend's i-pod in my ears. Loud. She didn't have any decent music on it, much to my disappointment. (Im more of a metal girl than indie) then it was time to pierce.

The numbing spray he put on it was the worst part because it was so cold, it felt like he was spraying ice water on me. I didn't feel the clamps at all even though everyone says they really hurt. I watched him numb and clamp it, but then I felt the nerves start again so I looked away ready for the actual piercing. I felt some tugging as he made sure the clamp placement was right, but nothing that hurt in the slightest, it was more like a very slight pressure like someone pressing on your belly button. About 3 seconds later, I thought he was still placing the clamps when he said 'was that okay?' and I looked down to see that it was done! I honestly did not feel a single thing, the jewellery insertion was painless and the only time I felt any pain afterwards was when it started to sting very slightly about 3 hours afterwards, and when my dog jumps up at me and drags her claws over it. Grrrr. Other than that, it was a great experience for my first proper piercing, and I am now going back to new revolution for every piercing i get, I find it a really comfortable environment and I would recommend it to anyone. Anyway, I got up from the dentist-chair thingy and paid Corb the £15 (extremely reasonable!) and off I went.

The aftercare was very simple I just did two hot salt water soaks on it a day and cleaned it at night with antibacterial soap. The only part I found even slightly annoying was trying to stop myself from picking at the crusties! (Just remove them with a cotton bud/ Q-tip).

The only other advice I could give is not to wear really tight tops or tights for the first few months, and don't mess around with it too much. It's quite a while later now and mines still healing, but that's only because I mess around with it way too much and don't clean it as often as I should.

Overall I would say this is a great piercing to get, plus it looks so cute when wearing a bikini! Hehe.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Corb
Studio: New+Revolution
Location: Scunthorpe%2C+England

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