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My eighth piercing!

I am fairly new to the piercing/tattoo scene. You could probably call me a spectator/infrequent participator. I had my lobes pierced when I was three and fourteen with guns. Two years ago I decided to step out of the box a little bit and get my left cartilage done (that was stepping out of the box for me, haha). My boyfriend (now fiance) went with me to get his lobes pierced (his first piercings). I had a hard time with my cartilage - it got infected a few times. I got my ear lobes done a third time, but had to take them out because of infection. I got them done with a gun, and I should have known better, but I was impatient and cheap.

Anyway, my mom and youngest sister decided that they would get their navels pierced. I kind of followed suit and went to get mine done. I had wanted it done for a long time but just didn't have the guts. I took one of my friends with me (she had multiple piercings and a few tattoos) and she stood by me.

I had heard great things about this new piercing/tattoo place near where I live - American Inkwell - and since my family and friends had good experiences, I decided to go with it. It was a completely impulsive decision, but with me, some of my best decisions have been impulsive.

I had a great experience with George - he marked where he was going to pierce and was very careful about making it perfect. I laid down on the table (felt like I was at the doctor), put one arm over my head and took a deep breath. He had on gloves and used a brand-new needle and let me know when he was going to push the needle through. He started at the bottom and went through the top of my navel. The most painful part was not the needle, but putting the jewelry in.

It did hurt, but as all of you know, piercing is addicting and that's part of the reason why we do it. I got a 14g curved barbell and a couple months later I changed it to an inverted barbell.

Aftercare was easy. I got a sheet of paper with instructions on it. We had a gallon jug of distilled water mixed with non-iodized salt. The gallon lasted forever. We put about a third of a cup into the microwave and heated it until it was warm. We soaked paper towel in the mixture and washed the piercing that way. Our piercer told us not to use antibiotic ointment, but only the salt water mixture. I did this procedure three times a day. It was difficult to find time since I am a full time student and work almost full time, but I wanted the piercing to be worth the money ($40).

I haven't had any infections, but it does get caught on my clothes now and then. It has been taking awhile to heal and I've gained a few pounds, but I still like having it. I thought it would show through my shirt, but it does only when I wear a very form-fitting shirt.

I love my piercing and all the different jewelry options there are. I am a fan of just curved barbells or of short dangly ones. I don't change it very often but when I do I use a disinfectant wash on the skin and on the jewelry. And of course, I wash my hands before touching it. For care of my piercing now, after a bath or shower I take a clean Q-tip and clean off around the jewelry since dead skin tends to accumulate there.

Since I'm going to be a teacher, hidden piercings and conservative ear piercings are the way to go. Hopefully I will be allowed to have the ones that I do. If anyone has ideas of clever piercings or place to get tattoos, please let me know!

My next one will probably be a tragus piercing or a second attempt on the third one in my lobes. Another thing I thought about since perusing this sight is getting another navel piercing. I would also like to stretch my first lobe piercing to an 8g or 6g. I've contemplated getting my nipples pierced but quite frankly I am afraid and apprehensive. I know it would probably look great but still I am hesitant about the healing process. I have also come up with a design for a tattoo, but haven't had the extra money to get it done. If and when I go to get any of these done, I will go to American Inkwell. I met the tattoo artists when I was there and they seem pretty cool.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: George
Studio: American+Inkwell
Location: Pekin%2C+IL

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