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I finally got my belly done....a year later and i still LOVE it!

 Well, I'd been planning for a while to write up my experience on my belly button piercing, which i got a year ago, last summer, but...I'm just finally getting to it, which isn't necessarily so bad because I can describe my healing process as well.

Okay, well, since I was about 14 years old, I'd wanted to get my navel pierced (I know, I started a little young, whoopsies). I talked to my dad for a while (him being the less conservative of the two parents), did a LOT of research, and finally got permission to go get it done and made an appointment. I was VERY knowledgable about this piercing before i got it done. I looked up the healing process, the actual piercing process, costs, shops, quality professional piercers, anything and eveything I could find on navel piercings. I really did not want to go through all the trouble and potential pain of getting this piercing just to have it get infected and look all ugly, when it should look really hot if healed normally. I finally decided to go to Nailtrix, renamed Raven's Nest Tattoo, in Norwalk, where Dayna, supposedly the county's best piercer as according to a few websites I'd looked at, did her work.

I got to the shop around 2 after picking up my best friend on the way for moral support (yes, I was very nervous!). I walked up to the counter, had daddy dearest fill out the paperwork, and picked out my jewelry. At this shop, a captive bead ring was standard jewelry to be piercing with, a plain steel curved barbell cost extra, and a jeweled or slightly fancier barbell cost even more. Now i look back at this and realize that this was me being overcharged, but I sort of think it's okay because the piercing was a gift from my dad anyways, he was paying, not me. =] After purchasing a bottle of the shop's well-renowned healing-aid solution spray, SilverAid, I waited for a bit longer after hearing all about the cleaning and healing process, I finally went in with my best friend to get my belly button pierced finally.

I went in the back room where piercings are done, and waited while Dayna marked my belly button to show where it would be pierced. She was very nice and very friendly, which I would certainly hope for how much i was paying for her to make a hole through my belly button. I laid down on the reclined chair, and Dayna got out all of her equipment and got ready to pierce me. I clenched my best friend's hand, and waited for the needle. Dayna finally put the clamp on, which I must say, was a very odd sensation, and actually kind of painful. Dayna made sure the clamp was correctly-placed, and finally told me to take in a deep breath, then told me to exhale while she pushed the needle through. I was amazed, that after all that anticipation and being nervous, that one little pinch and the needle was through. Mind you, this was my very first non-earlobe piercing, and the endorphins racing through my body were most like a lot of help. But in any case, she had the needle through, pushed the jewelry in after the needle, screwed the ball on, and I was done. I was warned PROFUSELY not to change the jewelry for at LEAST 6 months, or else it WOULD get infected. I left the shop a very happy girl very excited about my new piercing and displaying it quite proudly with my shirt rolled up halfway.

I did end up waiting 6 months to change my jewelry, as long at it sounds. I am happy I did, because it was still slightly odd and almost stinging to change it after that long of a time. Healing was fine, I washed the piercing in the shower every morning was antibacterial soap and water, and sprayed it with SilverAid after my shower and before I went to bed. Beware, do not be too fast to change your jewelry too soon after getting it done because even though the outside of the hole may seem to be healed, the inside is most probably not and you will harm your piercing by moving it about and changing it, or maybe even tear the inside of the hole.

It's now summer again, and I proudly display my belly button with whatever cute jewelry I feel like placing in it for the day with whatever bikini I am wearing, and I love my belly button ring. Even though I had planned for my navel to be my only body piercing, I am now addicted to body modification and plan on VERY soon getting some new ear cartilage piercings. Tattoos are on the schedule soon. I would DEFINITELY recommend getting a navel piercing, especially as your first body piercing. They are very sexy and not very difficult. Very rewarding to say the least. Good luck, everyone, happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dayna
Studio: Raven%27s+Nest%2F+Nailtrix
Location: Norwalk%2C+CT

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