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Eeek! I'm so happy!

I've been a frequent visitor to BMEzine for quite a while now (okay well just since November '06). I have wanted my navel pierced for a while now. Back in November, I was going to go to a friends daughter who works in a piercing shop in NYC. It ended up that she wouldn't be able to do it, so I held off. Then in December around my birthday/Christmas, my cousin said she'd pay for it for me as a birthday/Christmas present (My birthday is December 19th). I said sure, then I chickened out and said I wanted a industrial which I had also been wanting (and eventually got 3 weeks ago but that's another story). I chickened out on that too. Well not chickened out, but decided against it. My sister went to a Diabetes Summer Camp this past week and I wanted to get it done to surprise her/ so she wouldn't try to talk me out of it like she tried to last November. She comes home on Friday and it's Thursday night. I said to my mom "Can we please go and get my bellybutton pierced tonight?" To my surprise she said yes. Well, I knew she would let me get the piercing, she had said that back in November, but I didn't think she'd say yes to taking me tonight. I have a hard time making decisions sometimes. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to the place I went to get my industrial done, or if I wanted to go where my friend recommended. She said that the staff were all so friendly, and they talked you through the whole piercing, and they were very clean. I decided against going to the place I got my industrial (read my industrial story on here also for reasons)and I went to the place my friend got her navel pierced. We got there at about 7:00. They closed at 8:00. If you were under 16, you needed photo/birth date ID and a parent to sign for you. I brought my school ID because I knew I had to have some kind of ID, I didn't know it had to have my birthday on it. So my mom ran back home to get my birth certificate while I stayed at The Ultimate Tattoos & Piercing (that's the name of the piercing place I ended up going to). I sat on the really nice leather comfy couch and looked at tattoo books. They checked out my navel (to make sure it would work out) and the all said, "Wow, you have a really deep navel" (which I do).I picked out my jewelery (a cute light blue diamond curved barbell 14 g) and waited for my mom. My mom finally came back and we got started. They copied everything down and then took me and my mom back while my sisters waited in front of the shop (nobody under 12 is allowed to accompany a piercing or tattoo client for respect to the artist. I think that's a good rule. They took me and my mom back into the piercing room and had everything laid out. She told us all about the cleaning process of the utensils (they use the autoclave) and about the cleaning process of the jewelery, and about the piercing process itself. Needless to say I was very very impressed (way more impressed with this place than I was of the place I got my industrial pierced in). Elizabeth had me lay down on the chair/table thing, and she cleaned my navel. Then she had me stand up against the wall and she marked my navel. It looked pretty good. Then I laid back down on the table and she put the clear receiving tube over the top mark and said "Take a deep breath and when you exhale I'll put the needle through." One, two three, then I exhaled. I felt the needle go through. It only hurt for those 5 seconds maybe while the needle was going through my skin (If you're a girl and have had those new Gardisil shots it felt like one of those really,same amount of pain). She put the jewelery in, screwed on the top ball and I was done! I was surprised she didn't use a clamp, but I know people are different. It turned out amazing. It's been 4 hours now since I've had it done, and it doesn't hurt at all. It did bleed a little after, but I'm a bleeder. It didn't bleed that much even, just a tiny bit. I was told to do salt soaks everyday, twice a day, and four times a day for my industrial that is not healing well (the other place told me to just do soap and water twice a day). Elizabeth checked out my industrial and said it shouldn't be bleeding still after almost three weeks. I have a keloid starting to form around the bottom inside of the piercing. I don't sleep on it, and I haven't bumped it. She thinks it's the way it's placed. After it was pierced, I wasn't too sure about the piercings placement either. If you are thinking about getting your navel pierced, I highly suggest it for someone who has a low pain tolerance and would like a piercing you can hide. Or anyone for that matter! I hope my story helped someone. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like! I'd love to talk to you more about my experience! Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Elizabeth
Studio: The+Ultimate+Tattoos+and+Piercing
Location: Rochester%2CNY

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