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Double navel

I first got my belly button pierced for my 13th birthday, I begged my mam an she finally agreed...since den I've got a few more(9)

my first piercing really hurt as I am presuming the lady that pierced me was in a rush to get out of the shop as she rushed me to pick my jewelery, quickly cleaned and marked me,jammed on the clamp...at this stage I know it was way 2 tight(brought tears to my eyes)...an rammed the needle through my belly. i cried...it sucked an she dropped my jewelery as she tried 2 put it in...needless to say i got a new,sterile bar...it was really uncomfortable when she finally put my jewelery in.She gave me cleaning solution(I didn't use it...salt water is best)an I paid for it and I was on my way to get myself some dinner.

since I loved having piercings done an I loved showing off my belly ring I figured I'd get the bottom done.I looked up pictures on the internet an had a read of some peoples experiences.About four months ago I decided I wanted it. In fact I decided that I wanted it pierced by the time I went back to school on Monday, so I grabbed my friend and dragged her into town to the piercing place the next day! Before I went to get pierced I had something to eat so my body was blood sugar didn't drop to low,I didn't want to faint. My friend sat outside the piercing place as she doesn't like watching people getting pierced.I was hoping she'd come in with me as I don't like getting piercing done on my own!!

I went in to the piercing place an was talking to my usual piercer....who's name I don't know cause well I've never asked. He has done most of my piercings an I trust him completely. I was waiting for about 10 minutes as he prepared and pierced someone else.Then it was my turn.

I picked out my jewelery and sat down as he cleaned the piercing area an got the equipment ready.

I was very nervous at this stage cause I remembered how sore my other belly piercing was.I always get nervous as I sit in the chair!! Anyway he cleaned and marked my stomach,at this stage I started to brace myself for the pain that was about to come,he made sure I was happy with were it was going and clamped it.He told me he was going to count to three and when he got to three I was to take a deep breath.This was a really sore piercing!! I remember having to fight the urge to run!! As he pierced me he talked to me trying to keep my mind off the pain. I did my best to talk back to him but I was really sore and just wanted him to finish piercing me.

Once he got the needle through though I was fine....when he put the jewelery in I felt a mild discomfort. A bit of tugging and a small ache. Once the jewelery was through he screwed the ball on and checked to make sure it and me were ok. When he finished checking it he cleaned it again an put a plaster thing on it....he told me the usual stuff on how to clean an look after it, I paid him and was on my way. I went an got a bottle of coke after the piercing just in case.I skipped off to show my boyfriend...he loved it and I was deleted with myself for the rest of the day.

I love my double navel!! I couldn't wait to show it off!! well worth the pain an if I had to I'd get it done again..in fact I plan on getting two more put in there...

One problem I did have with it was because I kept forgetting it was there I kept catching it in things and it was so sore!!! I got used to having it there and I now remember to be careful with my jeans and other stuff that can snag on it.I occasionally catch it now when I'm in work. But it not that often and I but a plaster over it if I know I'm going somewhere that I'll be carrying stuff and I know I'll catch it or get it really dirty. I still clean it regularly with sea salt water as it is not fully healed. I plan on getting the sides done soon after it fully heals.

I would fully recommend getting this piercing but make sure you go to a proper piercing place(do your research) and make sure you trust the person piercing you.

Please bear in mind that all though my piercing hurt me, different people have different pain thresholds an it may not b as sore for you


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: dont+no+his+name....he+well+nice+tho+an+i+trust+him
Studio: the+piercing+place+in+georges+st+arcade
Location: Dublin%2CIreland

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