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Birthday Piercing

I just turned eighteen and not wanting to go support the tobacco industry or partake in pornographic ventures, I thought what better way to celebrate my coming of age than a piercing. I had been wanting to get an industrial for over a year and had been receiving the parental "no" every time the issue arose. When actually presented with the change to get whatever I wanted pierced I found my intense want for an industrial gone - mostly because I am studying vocal arts next year in college to pursue opera (not the most liberal or accepting of art forms in terms of tattoos, piercings, etc). So, I got online and browsed through the many picture pages of BME and decided that I would start small and get my belly button (navel) pierced. I'd never gotten any other piercings beside my ears done so I went online and talked to my friends who got it done to make sure I knew what I was getting into before I went through with it.

I took a good week to research (online and by phone) a few piercing places in my town, and Portland being a pretty small town, I knew all of them pretty well already. I decided on Robot Piercing on 23rd Avenue (The trendier part of Portland). The place didn't take appointments, however I did call in advance to make sure I could be pierced on the day I wanted and that I could bring someone with me. I was supposed to have my friend Laura come with me and we were both going to get it done, but she bailed being afraid of needles and all, so it was just up to me!

So, a week or so after I had decided on this adventure, my friend Kimberly and I drove in Portland and went to go get my belly button pierced. The shop was very clean and had a large selection of jewelry as well. The woman doing the piercings that day, Jo, was very nice and comforting - I had no reservations about having her pierce me. I chose my jewelry (which she cleaned in front of me) and we headed back to the piercing room.

She explained everything that she was going to do (which was very relaxing because I had gotten a little nervous by that time) and gave me a chance to ask any questions I had. She opened all the needles and washed her hands in front of me as well. Then she made the markings on my stomach as I was standing up, which took a while, and then she asked me and my friend if we liked them (we did), so it was time to get pierced! Jo told me, before we got started that she wouldn't be using a clamp and that she found it easier to do it freehand, which I didn't argue with...

She told me to breath in and then breath out and then she pierced me and I felt the needle go in but it didn't "hurt" per say (although it did feel pretty odd). She put the banana bell in and that didn't hurt either - I was expecting it to be painful and I had heard putting the jewelry in was actually more painful than the actual piercing part, but it wasn't like that for me. What really took the longest was screwing the ball on the top. The entire time she reminded me to keep breathing and before I knew it, it was over! I was so surprised how short a time it actually took! It didn't bleed or anything!

She went over the care information with me and, since I'm moving, gave me recommendations of places to go in case I have problems or questions or just want a good piercing place in my new city. I got a nice care sheet and went out to celebrate my new piercing with Kimberly. She told me to soak it in a salt water mixture about two to three times a day and taught me a really cool way to suction the cup of water onto your stomach so you can just leave it there to soak and get all clean.

It's been a day and it is only a little sore. I've been cleaning/soaking it in saltwater and keeping it very clean and so far it looks really good! I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone thinking about it! I was most surprised at how easy and pain free it was, not to mention how cute it looks! Even though my parents don't approve of piercings they even had to admit that it looked really good and they were surprised how it wasn't bloody or swelling (like when I got my ears done at Claire's when I was younger - big mistake!) not to mention my friend is regretting not getting it done with me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jo
Studio: Robot+Piercing
Location: Portland+OR

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