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A rush

My descision to get my navel pierced started a long time before I got it pierced, but I suppose I didn't realise it.

I had always wanted to get something pierced besides my ear lobes and rook but my Mother had never let me, I had spent so long begging her that I'd get better grades. Seeing as I never did she of course said no to any new piercing proposal.At nearly fifteen I guess I want to show that I can be grown up on my own, you know - if I have to have a job and pay for most of the clothes I have, why shouldn't I be aloud to get a tiny piece of metal in MY body?

Anyway, my descision didn't have much thought put into it. I was out with some friends that I hadn't seen in a while and remembered that my friend Alex had gotten her navel pierced without asking her Mum. She showed it too me and it looked really good! It was healed already at around one month. She told me where she got it done and how it didn't hurt at all.

I decided then and there that I would be getting my belly button pierced! If Mum doesn't want to give me permission then I'll just have to take matters into my own hands (not literally). Alex, another friend and I set out the next day to find a possibly cheaper place then where Alex got hers done. I did have the money but at $120 I didn't really want to blow all my money on this. We walked around the city for a few hours asking around to who does belly button piercings, in the end the only place that we could find was the place Alex got hers done.

I knew it wasn't a proper piercing place but in the middle of China Town. I walked up to Beauty Culture, Market City to see if they were available. It was a normal hairdressing salon with a section on the side with a few rooms. I asked the lady if they did navel piercings, as she pointed to her nose I realised she didn't speak much English, this phased me a little but I decided to go

along with it anyway.

She called a younger lady out from one of the rooms and she checked that it was just me getting it done and asked me to sit down. I've never really been scared of pain but I started to get a bit nervous from all the adrenaline of waiting around. Finally the lady took me into a room with cupboards and a bed, I was glad it looked clean. I asked if my friends could come in but she said only one. So after realising that she didn't mean one friend but just one other person I got ready to go on my own.

The lady made me stand very straight which I found suprisingly hard as I kept holding my hands together or twisting them. She drew a line and then told me to lie down on the bed. This is when I wondered if she had, had any training at all. She took out a navel piercing kit which came with a disposable clamp and well I didn't really look at the rest I was just trying to get ready.

She didn't prepare me or talk to me or anything, I didn't mind but not when the first thing she said when she put the needle through was, 'shit'. The older lady came in and they talked in an Asian language for a long time. What I gather was that the plastic clamp thing was stuck on the jewellery and they couldn't get it off. They kept talking or semi-arguing and although I felt close to no pain at all, I gave a few 'ouches', so they would tell me what was going on! They asked if I was OK and I nodded and asked what was happening, at this point they had gotten the scissors out and we hacking away at the clamp. She said everything was alright and finally they got it off.

Because they had been toying with it for so long it had left a bruise just above the top ball and it was red above my belly button.

I looked down and noticed that the bar that she had put in was very, very long! Like double the length of a normal one. I asked why she had put that one in and she said because it was all they had and that after six months, yes six months she said, it would be healed and I could change it to a 'sexy' one and because it would swell a bit. When she said six weeks I thought, 'yeah right'! I know that six weeks would be more accurate and that my friends had already healed.

I'm not one to care about touchy things like that because I really didn't want her to change it or anything, I just wanted to get out of there. She gave me Sterile Navel Protectors, which she told me to change every day for 10 days. I got up on my way, paid and quickly left the shop. My friends also noticed how weirdly long and ugly the bar was.

It is now two days after I got it pierced and it has been sore. Especially picking up things on the ground or bumping it. I was told not to get it wet for 24 hours and suprisingly in the shower it did not sting at all. I was planning not to show my Mum but to just wait till' Summer comes in December and maybe let her find out herself, but guilt took over and I waited up till' 3am to tell her because I couldn't stand lying. She took it a lot better than I thought and told me she was disappointed. That was the worst part, I couldn't decide whether I had a stomach ache all day because of my new piercing or because of the horrible feeling straight after I left the shop.

If I could have done it again I probably wouldn't have honestly. I still think that it is my body but my Mum is more important to me than a belly button piercing. I would've preferred getting her permission later on and gone to a proper shop with consent. All in all it was an alright experience and as soon as it has fully healed I'll be changing my bar so I can show it off! But if you're young and you're trying to be rebellious or something just think it through and know what could be the consequences!

Thank you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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