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A pretty normal navel

The Beginning Right so, about four months ago I decided I wanted my navel pierced. I asked my parents and I was shocked with an immediate 'No'. I sulked a bit and left the room. However, my rents called me back and agreed I could have it done (A sudden change of heart?) but my dad said, 'So long as you wear my jewelry'. Fair enough. I then got the hour long rant from my mum about the dangers of piercings and how this will be the last one, and that she wasn't really happy with it and all that. But in the end she accepted it, even though I knew she wasn't really okay with it. (She still isn't with any new piercings).

The Problems So I arranged to get it done, I looked up the price on the internet and I was away. It was pretty costly, with the bar i wanted and all, so I had to wait until my next pay day. Luckily this was only a couple of days away. I then told my best friend and asked what she thought. She thought it was a great idea! So then I asked my best friend to come with me the next day after school and she said yes, obviously. We were both really excited.

That day arrived and tragedy struck, my friend couldn't come with me because she had to go to her grandparents or something.. So I searched desperately for someone to come with me, but alas, no-one was free. This really got to me and I was very close to deciding not to do it at all. But I thought about how brave it would be and I decided to go. But I had a fag first.

On I marched on my own to the piercing studio, and I was really, really nervous. I dropped in on my work to see some people and they joked about it saying how horrible and infected it would get. Perfect for my nerves really... Luckily, my friend was working that day, and he kept going on and on at me telling me how hot it would look, which gave me a huge ego boost and calmed me down a lot. So anyway, I went on. The studio is only about 5 minutes from where i live, so I go there quite often anyway to check out the jewelery, which is all really nice as they run their own jewelery shop there too.

The Piercing! When I got there I was shocked to find the cute blonde guy I saw around town all the time who smiled at me whenever he saw me. That certainly helped! I was really nervous and went up and said i wanted my belly button pierced, they got me to fill out some forms and I sat down to wait. The cute blonde guy then went through the after care with me and made sure i was okay. Honestly I paid so little attention to what he was saying and I counted the piercings he had in his ears. They were really cool and all twisted and interlinked.

Then I was asked to go through to the studio. The piercer was great, he talked me through it all and told me I had an awkward belly button but it could be done. He got out the purple pen and drew two little dots and asked me if they were center, they were. I then lied on the medical bench thing, and I was a pansy and didn't look. He put the freeze spray on, which didn't numb anything it just made it really cold. He then put the needle through, and I certainly felt it. It didn't really hurt, I could just feel it. It was odd. He put the bar through and it was fine! It was beginning to sting a little, and when I stood up I was a bit nauseous but thats probably just me. He obviously noticed and told me to stay sitting for a while. Once i was feeling up to it, I got up and paid for it. The cute blonde guy asked how it was and I said it was absolutely fine. He gave me a cheeky grin and said he knew it would be. They also gave me a t-shirt! I was very pleased and went home grinning. I had a huge urge to take off the covering but resisted, I cleaned it everyday regularly and used the skin paint they sold me, and this definitely helped.

This is now about 3/4 months on, and I still love it. I mostly keep the original bar in but sometimes I put others in, but sometime they make it a bit sore. Other than that, all good! Go for it if you're considering it. My next one? Tongue Web :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Richard
Studio: Real
Location: Sussex

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