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Late Night Piercings

Hi, I'm Saint...

This is the first experience I'm posting to BME although I've been piercing for a while now I want to increase my internet presence. I'll be posting images of all the piercings I do from now on and posting full experiences wherever I get the chance/time. This is an experience i had just last night at around 2am...

Just to clarify, I don't drink or do drugs so please don't worry that I was in any way intoxicated while I was doing this piercing. One of the reasons I gave up alcohol in the first place was that if i was going to be piercing people and have the equipment in the house I didn't want my drunk brain to one night decide it was a good idea to pierce someone. With that disclaimer out of the way on to the experience itself

I've been piercing in LA for a while now and I always get friends, acquaintances asking for piercings etc. I always feel strange about piercing people I'm close to and have to see everyday... 1) Because in the unlikely event anything were to go wrong it would probably sully the friendship with that person and 2) if they didn't take care / clean the piercing properly then I would feel (wrongly) to blame for any infection they make pick up. On the plus side piercing friends does lead to repeat business and makes the word of mouth business work a lot faster as friends of friends will see the work and hopefully be impressed by the results.

My room mate's girlfriend has been asking me to pierce her for some time, at first she was thinking of having surface piercings in her hips but it was probably for the best that fir her first piercing she went for something a little more common (although the hips obviously would have been more fun to do).

Well last night my room mates girlfriend was talking about having her navel pierced so we suggested that she should get it done right there and then... After the initial shock she agreed so we continued to sanitize the coffee table and try and clear the house full of people (there are always people in our house)

I don't understand that piercing in a house isn't the ideal environment so i covered all surfaces in new (out of the packet) paper towels and of course used all sterilized equipment. We lay her down on the covered coffee table and freehanded the piercing, first marking out the exit hole with a skin marker and letting her check/change the positioning (which you don't get in most shops).

She was pretty nervous and she did actually say it hurt around a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale but as normal there was no blood or any other abnormality with the piercing process. Jewelry followed through like a dream even if her skin was a little tougher than normal to insert the needle.

If I'm honest i haven't freehanded a lot of navel piercings but I was very pleased with myself with the needle appeared exactly spot on out of the exit hole we marked out.

It was actually the first piercing that she'd received with a needle. The other other piercings she had were her ears which had been done with one of those unsanitary piercing guns at some superstore or wall mart type of place. As i said before she was pretty nervous about having it done but straight after she got that buzz and was asking about what else she had done and what other equipment / needles i had with me.

It would seem I'm going to be piercing a lot more of my peer group, I've now had requests for her friends nipples after piercing both room mates (oddly enough with 14 labret piercings in the ear lobes).

Finished up the experience by placing everything I'd used to pierce (gloves, marker, alcohol wipes etc) Into a bag and sealing it. The needle was disposed of into a hard aspirin case which was sealed and will be taken to the shop next time i go in. I've also heard of piercers taking used needles to hospitals to dispose of them but I'm sure if you took needles to any tattoo/piercing shop with a conscience they'd let you pop them in their biohazard containers.

I'll be taking a photo of it soon for my portfolio for the freehand section so watch out for an image so you can see the completed and healed navel... you can also check me out at myspace.com/sixdayschris and leave me a message with any comments you may have, it'd be nice to hear from others in the community.

Expect to hear from me very soon and thanks for reading...

Saint xx


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Saint
Studio: My+Living+Room
Location: Los+Angeles

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