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It was so easy!

I graduated high school about a month and a half ago and I wanted to do something different, so I decided to get my belly button pierced. Nobody expected me to actually do it, so it made it that much more fun. My sister-in-law Lacey has had hers pierced for almost two years now and she said it wasn't bad at all. I'm a huge baby, so I expected it to hurt a lot. I cried and cried when I got my ears pierced, but then again, I was also only five years old. So I made my friend Kate go with my because I was really scared it was going to hurt a lot. But I decided to go anyway.

We went to Kaleidoscope in Springfield, Missouri, because I had heard that they did a really great job there. I have never heard anything bad about Kaleidoscope, which I cant say for all of the piercing places in Springfield. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a worker who asked us how he could help. I said I wanted to get my belly button pierced and he gave me some forms to sign acknowledging that I was at least 18 and not intoxicated or high or pregnant or anything like that. He showed me many different kinds of rings priced everywhere from fifty to sixty-five dollars. He also recommended that I don't get the ring because they take a lot longer to heal. There were many different kinds of barbells to pick from, from very plain ones to ones that had cat eye stones. I picked out the ring I wanted which was a two stone blue curved barbell. After I picked out my ring, my friend and I were taken to the piercing room.

My piercer was Qui Qui and he made me feel totally comfortable. I told him I was a big baby and he said that was completely ok and that everyone he has ever pierced walked out with a smile and nobody had ever cried. Before we started, Qui Qui went over the do's and don'ts of a new piercing. He said to avoid lakes if at all possible and try to stay out of the pool for a little while. Then he measured where the holes should be while I was standing up and then laying down in the chair to make sure that the marks of the holes weren't too far apart, kind of like measure twice, cut once. He told me to look up at the ceiling at the orange clouds (there is a TV on the ceiling that has orange clouds on it) and then he put clamps on my skin to hold it in place. There was also a sticker on the ceiling that said "You'll do great!" and had a smiley face on it. That actually made me feel a little batter. I must say that the clamps were more suspense building than the actual needle. I didn't watch when he actually put the needle in, but it was SO easy! It really didn't hurt much at all. After he had put the barbell in, he gave me the after-care solution as well as a pamphlet that had all the information about taking care of a new piercing which I greatly appreciated because I'm forgetful. As well, he gave me his card and said to call him if I had any questions, telling me that after about a month there will be little crusties and that is completely normal... and gross in my opinion. Qui Qui reminded me that I need to wait SIX MONTHS before I change it. He said that it will look healed, but it is not. I'm glad he said that because taking the ring out before you are healed does so much damage. He also added that you must keep some jewelry in or else the holes will close; it is not like an ear piercing. But Qui Qui was completely right though, I did walk out of there with a smile.

The piercing hurt a little a few hours after it had been done, but nothing that would stop anyone from doing normal things. It did a little that night but that was because I moved it by accident by hitting it with a pillow. As well, apparently, boys really like belly button piercings. My boyfriend is in Kansas right now and he was very excited when I told him what I did. So when you read stories of girls who did it after they broke up with their boyfriends, remember that you don't have to be single to get something pierced.

Qui Qui was so great! I would definitely recommend him and Kaleidoscope to anyone that is thinking about getting a piercing. Everyone was very professional and made me feel completely comfortable.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Qui-Qui
Studio: Kaleidoscope
Location: Springfield%2C+MO

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