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Although I am only seventeen I feel like I have waited a lifetime to get my navel pierced. I had begged my mom since I was twelve years old. Finally when my younger cousin got it done I knew it was my turn. We were on vacation in Ocean City, NJ so I figured I'd just get it done on the boardwalk one night. It turns out that no where in Ocean City is allowed to pierce (it is also a "dry" town by the way). So one night my family and I drove down to Wildwood (another shore town) where every other shop on the boardwalk does body piercing.

My cousin had gotten hers done on the boardwalk at a place called High Octane, so we decided to have my done there too. I was so pumped and excited to finally get it done, but my cousins wanted to do some rides so I had to wait another hour. When I walked into the place I said I wanted my belly done and that I had my mom there. The man at the counter gave us the paper work, which I handed to my mom, while I picked out the ring. It was forty-five dollars including the ring, which was one of the cheapest places that I had come across. The ring was just a simple bar bell with plain clear rhinestones. By this time I could barely stand still. The man led me back to a room, and all five family members that were with me followed.

We had to wait in a little section right in front of the room while the woman sterilized everything. There were pictures of people who had had their navel pierced there, which made me even bubblier. The only time I got nervous was when we actually got into the room where I was to get pierced. The woman made the mark on my belly button and I lay down on the table. I grabbed my mom's hand "just in case" I needed it. The woman put the clamp on, which both she and my cousin said would hurt the most, and I barely felt it. I close my eyes after that part. I did feel some pain when the needle went through, but I can tolerate pain very well. As soon as I knew it the ring was in and I was all done. It looked amazing.

I was informed that I was not allowed to change it for three months to make sure it was all healed. That was fine by me because I actually really liked the ring I chose. After I got go out of the room I was afraid to put my shirt down because it was sore, so I just held it up until I had to go home. I was so excited to show it off. We went to another shop and I bought five new rings for when I am to change it. The guy gave us a great deal, most likely cause my shirt was half way up, but I don't really care.

I had been nervous about the pain, mostly because I had seen a video of my cousin get hers done and she screamed like a baby. But I realized she just has no pain tolerance what so ever. I was also hesitant to get it done on the boardwalk because I have heard some horror stories, but it turned out to be wonderful. I would recommend getting your navel pierced to anyone who has ever thought about it. I love mine, and so does my boyfriend. Even my mom who was so resilient to me getting it done think it is adorable. I think that not seeing the needle go through my stomach helped a lot, if you can't visualize it I think it hurts less. So far my healing has been going great. I am already in the itchy stage which is a good sign. I clean it regularly with a sea salt spray, which I purchased at High Octane.

Since I've gotten my belly pierced I have been becoming more interested in other piercings. I am planning on getting my third lobe piercing right before school starts. I also am very interesting in a tragus piercing on both ears. I am also interested in tattoos; I would like a couple of small ones. I can not express how incredibly excited I am to wake up and see my navel with a little ring it in.

I hope my experience influences other girls who are unsure if a navel piercing is right for them. It has minor pain and the results are fantastic. Having your navel pierced is an instant confidence booster and can make you feel extremely sexy. Happy Bikini Season!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: a+woman+at+the+shop.
Studio: High+Octane
Location: Wildwood%2C+NJ+boardwalk

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