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Finally, a hole in my navel =]

To start off with everything my name is Courtney and I'm 14 years old.

It started a few years ago when I got hooked on BodMod. I saw my first glance at the navel piercing and fell in love with it. I thought they were attractive and fit me perfectly. Well when I was 13 I kept begging my parents, but I didn't get to them. They started to get frustrated with me asking them everyday about it so I decided that a few months after my 14th birthday I would bring up the topic of getting my belly pierced to my parents again. My dad said that if I paid for it and helped him around the house that he would take me so I helped him clean and sell a tractor that we have been wanting to sell. About 2 weeks after we sold it and I had enough money to go get it done. I asked my dad if he would take me and he said lets go before I change my mind. I hurried up and hopped in the car and was ready to go. As we were driving down to the shop I started thinking to myself "I can't believe I'm finally getting it done" At this point I was more excited about my parents letting me get it done after all of my hard work.

My dad kept asking me if I wanted to go through with this and I said I didn't wait a year for nothing. We finally got to Flesh Mechanics and I started to get nervous. We walked into the shop and everyone was friendly. There was a guy in there getting a tattoo on his arm that looked pretty sweet. My dad talked to the piercer, Tom Rudich, who was really nice and asked what we needed. He had his ears gauged really big and had a thing in it. I told him that I wanted my navel pierced and he got everything set up while my dad and I had to sign a couple of papers. I had to show him my birth certificate, photo ID(school ID), and social security card. I got a plain curved barbell. We waited about 5 minutes or less and I went in the back to get marked. I stood really still and he marked me with a blue marker. To make the mark perfectly straight he pushed the side of my skin to make a little crease that would make a straight line leading to my navel. I then lay down and he put the clamp on. It had the most pressure than the piercing itself and it felt like you have a clothespin on your belly. Tom then told me to breath through my nose and out of my mouth. My dad said that my face was turning bright red. He said "I'm going in" and by the time he said that it was basically over. All he needed to do was put the ball on the top. When he put the needle through it was mostly pressure and a little bit of pain that was over within 5 seconds. He cleaned me off and told me the aftercare. I had to use this bacterial stuff for the first 3 days and use it 3 times a day and I had to use anti-bacterial soap for about 2 months or so. My dad is interested in getting a tattoo so he was asking what the price range is for a good sized tattoo. If your interested it's from 160-200$. I handed him the 40$ and was on my way out of the door. The one tattoo artist talked to my dad as we were walking and said "I didn't hear her scream or nothing" My dad said "No, she didn't, but she made it through." The tattoo guy said "Well since she wasn't in pain I guess you need to shut her hand in the door so she is in pain." We laughed and walked out the door and I had a huge smile on my face. I was extremely happy.

I have only had it for a day and it doesn't hurt unless I bump it or bend over. I love my navel piercing and I hope to get more piercings when I'm older.

I would request this piercing for anyone that likes it even if you are scared of needles or pain. It doesn't hurt that bad. It is mostly pressure. I would definitely say to go to Flesh Mechanics because they are sterilized and clean and the people that work there are nice, so if you are looking for a piercing and live in/near Monaca, PA go there.

If you have any questions e-mail me at [email protected] and I will be happy to answer them for you.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tom+Rudich
Studio: Flesh+Mechanics
Location: Monaca%2C+PA

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