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Fear for no reason

So basically I got my navel pierced about two or three months ago. It happened in Denmark in the city Aarhus in a studio called "Smykkegalleriet", where my mom also had her nipples pierced, so she had recomended it to me.

Before deciding to get my navel pierced, I'd had a lot of doubts on whether I should do it or not. I was frightened to death about the thought of the pain, and because one of my close friends fainted after having her navel pierced. That naturally made me freak out, because it would be horrific to faint and pee in my pants or something like that.

So I spent a lot of time reading stories on this homepage, and all the positive comments on no pain made me finally decide to go ahead and do it. I strongly recommend users to read these stories before getting pierced, because they really calm your nerves!

I had to go to school the day I was going to have my navel pierced, and needless to say, I got more and more nervous as the day went by. I'd bought this creame that should make my navel numb called "Emla". You put the creame on your navel in a thick layer 3 hours before getting pierced, and you put this see-through bandage on top of it, so the creame doesn't dissappear. I put this on at school, but noticed that the creame went into the hole of my navel, which made me believe that it probably wouldn't work.

After school two friends of mine picked me up. They were going to get pierced too, one of them in the eyebrow and one of them in the nipple. Their names are LP and Ken, and they are my best male friends. We drove to the city Aarhus, were we were getting pierced, as there wasn't any decent and clean places to get pierced in our home-city Randers.

We got to the studio, and I was ready to throw up, because I was so darn nervous. My hands were shaking, I couldn't really walk, because my legs felt like jelly.

We walked in to the studio, which was extremely small, but very cosy. It seemed very clean, and the owner sold all kinds of nice jewelry. The walls were white with nice paintings, and actually it just resembled your everyday jewelryshop. We had to wait for 2 girls to get pierced, which happened behind a curtain. We decided that I'd be the first to go, because I was so nervous.

Finally it was my turn. The piercer was a lady about 40 years old, she was very nice and kind, and she didn't have all those scary piercings all over her face. She only had her ears pierced. She told me about the procedure, and we decided that I'd get a piercing made of titanium, because that makes sure, you don't have an allergic reaction.

We went in behind the curtain, and she told me step by step what she was doing. I brought LP so as to have a hand to hold. It was very important for her to tell me how sterile her stuff was, and how she kept them sterile. She also showed me that all the stuff she used was from new packaged, and that she had this machine that could sterilize stuff.

She then drew two dots to mark where the piercing would go through, and she asked me to look in the mirror. She told me it was a great idea that I had numbed my navel, and that she could see that it had worked, as all the blood had left my navel, which meant it was completely white. She rinsed my navel with some kind of disinfecting stuff before piercing me.

I said the dots were fine, and then she asked me to stand up. I got pierced standing up. I grabbed my friends hand and looked up in the air, and I don't actually know what happened, because she asked me, if she should tell me, when she was going to pull the piercing through, and I said no to that. She did tell me though, that she had put this clam thing on my navel that allowed her to pierce it.

After looking up for a while and holding my friends hand, I asked her, when she was going to do it and she said: "Oh I all ready did it. I'm just putting a ball on the other end of the piercing". I couldn't believe it! I didn't feel a thing! Nothing at all! I was SO relieved!

She asked me to lay down, because she had a feeling I might faint because I had been so nervous. As I was laying there she told me all about the cleaning, how to treat it and so on. She put a bandage over my piercing, so it wouldn't get caught on anything.

That was it! After the guys got pierced we went home! And I've had no problems at all with my piercing. No inflammation! She gave me this creame to put on the piercing after a couple of weeks that would make it heal faster. She also gave me soap flakes to clean my piercing with.

But I'd like to add ONE IMPORTANT THING! Do NOT use soap flakes. It's way to harsh on your skin, it will get your navel infected and slow down the healing. After a couple of weeks my mum spoke to another piercer, who said it was a much better idea to rinse the piercing with the stuff the doctors use at the hospital to disinfect and wash people with before doing surgery on them. That kind of soap is much better, and I've used that and had no problems with my piercing!

So go get it done! Numb your navel, you won't feel a thing! Feel free to contact me with questions!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Smykkegalleriet
Location: Aarhus%2C+Danmark

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