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The liberating feeling of a navel piercing

Anyone who knows me even the slightest bit can tell you this fact: Tiffany vowed to get a piercing on her eighteenth birthday. Ask anyone, even my unsupportive parents. I'd been researching for years prior to the day, which happened to be July 12th. I wrote down notes on the healing process and what to look for in a clean shop. Hell, I even set up a little notebook designed to monitor my healing wound. When the time came to lift my shirt for my nipple piercing, I blushed. To my surprise, it wasn't the nipple I didn't want to show....it was my belly!

Flash forward a few months. My friend wanted her navel pierced, but refused to do it alone. "Hell, no." I replied, subconciously knowing that I already had a few holes done. This shouldn't have scared me...after all, it's just a belly-button. Everyone has those darn things, don't they? Still, I put my foot down. The stubborn Tiffany won again.

Little did I know, my friend was more stubborn than even me. She wanted it, and by God she was going to have it. I gave in. My tiny voice within screamed, "No! What the hell are you doing? You don't even show your stomach! What's the point?" Another voice inside answered, "So, you don't show your nipples, either, and they're pierced. You're just a baby." I jumped up and grabbed my friend's arm. "We're going to 'Pleasures'....now."

Of course, I nominated to go first. She was nervous and hadn't been there for my other piercings, so this was her devirginization of the piercing environment(heh heh...now she has her lip done). Zippy greeted us and asked what we needed. I barely choked when I told him our navels. My stomach is flat and im in shape, why was I so nervous? We paid him our thirty five dollars and followed him to the back, clinging to eachother like little Japanese school girls, giggling furiously.

He motioned for me to come closer and to lift my shirt. I did, hesitantly, and he marked a little dot for the placement after a few seconds. When I said I was satisfied with it, she put the clamp on and had me lay down. In my crazed state of mind, I tried to hold the clamp like an idiot and he assured me he had it and if it tried to touch it, he'd need to resterilize everything. I just wanted out of there. I laid as natural as I could without moving, hoping he'd just shove it in. Instead, he looked as it from all angles, moving the clamp slightly, looking, readjusting...it seemed to take hours. I looked over to my friend to see her eyes bulging, staring intently.

None of this hurt at all. I'd heard horror stories about clamps, but as with my nipples, this was painless as well. Finally, I saw him go for the needle. After taking it out of the package, he brought it closer to my little navel. "Take a deep breathe in..." This is it, here is comes, oh Lord, what the hell am I doing? "...and out." As I let my breathe out, I opened my eyes and looked around. Zippy was standing next to the counter beside me, holding the clamp. Great, I thought. I clamp slid off. Now I need to do this all over again. He began wiping my navel and it wasn't until then that I realized the little barbell sticking out. He was done?! When did that happen?

In my nervousness, I didn't even feel the needle going in and he pushed the jewelry through so effortlessly that I thought he'd messed up and had to replace the clamp once more. I breathed another sigh of relief and laughed a little. I didn't feel a thing. As I stood and looked in the mirror with my shirt up, I smiled. Damn, was my belly cute. He explained the healing process to me and gave my a sheet of paper with a list of the directions on it. Still, I stared in the mirror. I thanked him and moved to the side to let my friend go next.

I sat in the chair she was previously in and still felt nothing. I was terrified to bend for the next few days or so out of fear that it would hurt. I never had a problem with it, just when my jeans would periodically rub against it. I'd lost some weight, so they were a little big and tended to ride up every now and then. I watched her lift her shirt uneasily and he made the same little dot and applied the clamp. "Don't touch it!" I said to her, making her laugh slightly and some of her tension went away. Zippy prepared the needled and approached her with it. Just before he could pierce, she asked "Was it worth it?" I looked down at my purple jewel staring up at me, glittering in the flourescent light. I smiled and said, "I can't wait to buy a bikini."


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Zippy
Studio: Pleasures+of+the+Flesh
Location: Girard%2C+Ohio

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