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Navel for my birthday...

So, at the time I decide to get a navel piercing, I have 2 sets of lobe piercings, 1 tragus and 1 conch. I'd lusted after the piercing since I was young. It took a while to convince my parents, but on the morning of my birthday I was handed an envelope full of notes, enough for the piercing and a tad extra! My parents have never really been pro-piercing, but they respect it means alot to me. I was surprised when they said yes, at first my dad would have rather I'd of got a tattoo rather than my navel! They have strange perceptions on things!

My boyfriend picked me up from college and we drove over to the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham. We went up to the counter of Metalmorphosis and waited to be served. For a Tuesday afternoon it was surprisingly busy! Finally someone came and asked if we needed any help, so I told him what I was after and showed my passport, filled in the forms and chose the jewellery. Me being the dumb girl I am, wrote down my date of birth wrong, even though it was my birthday that day! Michael laughed and said he had to check and asked to see my passport again. My boyfriend hasn't let me live that down! They had loads of different types, jewell on the bottom and plain silver ball on top, double jewelled, and mini ones which had a 4mm top ball and a 6mm ball on the bottom. I chose a pale pink mini double jewelled bar. Metalmorphosis is quite expensive, so I paid £45 for the piercing and £10 for the aftercare! Blimey.

We had a short wait while some guy had something pierced. The girl who pierced my tragus was having a tattoo done opposite the waiting seats which was good to watch! I was called into the room (on my own, the boyfriend wasn't allowed in!) and was told to take my jacket off and roll my t-shirt up to underneath my bra. Michael spent ages measuring my belly to get the marks straight but eventually we got there. I lay down on the bed and because my stomach had stretched, Michael had to check the marks again! Finally he was ready to pierce. Butterfly-in-stomach time!

The clamps were put on, which weren't bad, just a tad uncomfy. Michael made sure they were lined up properly so that the piercing was straight. Then it was needle time! My stomach skin must have been tough as it took a couple of seconds to go through. It was a sharp pinch but nothing unbearable. It stung a little when he threaded the jewellery through. It had a quick wipe over, then Michael checked it was straight. He handed me a mirror to show me and I was delighted! I called my boyfriend into the piercing room to look at it before the dressing was put on. Then I was done! Michael made sure I knew the aftercare and bandaged it up and sent me on my way.

We had to wait on the bench outside the piercing room for a while as my boyfriend had pins and needles and couldn't stand! When Michael realised I was still at the studio he came out and checked if I was ok, amused that it was my boyfriend we were hanging around for!

Healing has been fine, despite a few knocks and bumps. I also bought an after-care pack with my piercing, which contained dressings for my navel for when I slept, cotton-buds, cleansing lotion, and iodine for incase the piercing got infected. I used the cleansing lotion in the mornings and made my own sea salt soaks for in the evenings, which made sure it had a thorough cleaning before the dressing was put on. My piercing migrated to the right a bit during the first few months but has now settled and it looks perfect! I love my piercings, even though they tempt me to spend loooads of money on pretty jewellery for them! I can't wait to change it, but I'm going to be good and wait til it's healed, and then abit longer.

My next piercings are hopefully going to be my tongue and sternum. My mother and father HATE the idea of my tongue, and say it's after I'm 18 or they'll dis-own me, and they still wont be happy about it then! And the sternum; they don't even know I'm thinking about it! Heck, I don't think they even know they can be pierced! SO either I have to do it on the snide (I'd rather not) or convince them! Ahhh, it'l be ace when I move out, I can pierce whatever I like!

Anyway, sorry for my blabbing, get a navel piercing, they're yummy!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mikey
Studio: MetalMorphosis
Location: Birmingham

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