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My Story

My workmate/friend announced at work one day that she was going to get her navel pierced. We discussed it at length, and I could feel her excitement grow, along with the nervous and itchy feeling you get when you plan to do something secretive as it was for her(her parents didn't and still don't know, three years later). Little did I know that this very idea was now planted and was quietly sleeping in my brain.

I never really thought about again, but like I said, the idea was sleeping in my brain and waiting for me to clue in.

The next day, she came to work pierced with a cute navel ring. She described the procedure in great detail. Over the next week she shared her piercing ups and downs, (including waking up on the floor after cleaning her piercing, but that's her story to tell) with me. She really loved her piercing, which made me a little envious.

Three weeks later, finally, the idea awakened and began to grow in my head and I decided to get my navel pierced.

I asked the most pierced girl at work where she got her piercings, and she told me where her favorite studio was and highly recommended to get my piercing done there. I asked her instead because my friend's piercer wasn't available at that studio.

I didn't really do that much research about this beforehand, but I trusted the studio's reputation anyway, after asking around my workplace for recommendations.

My sister was in town to visit my mom, that week and I asked if she would take into town to the piercer's studio since I didn't have a car and it would take too much time by bus. I remember it was a rainy and slightly cold day in May. We got down to the studio and inquired about the piercing, only to discover that I didn't have enough cash and the studio didn't take credit cards(darn!).

So, after trekking up the street to the nearest ATM, I hurried back to the shop, worried that someone would get in before me, and I'd have to wait, and possibly lose my nerve.

The studio was an old place with wooden floors where they did tattooing. The piercing room was off to the side and in the back.

I filled out the forms and waited to be called back. The piercer appeared and we went into a little room where all his tools were laid out. I went alone, since the piercer said that another person was distracting :( , so my sister had to wait in the waiting area.

I tucked my shirt into my bra and I stood while he cleaned my navel with an anti-septic wash(which actually hurt!),and marked it. We agreed on the placement and then I laid down on a short metal bed and the piercer clamped my navel and asked if I was ready. Breathe in and exhale slowly, he said. One, two, three,and Ouch! He then put the ring in, and there I was,newly pierced! I stood up slowly and watched him dispose of the needle into a sharps box. I was given an aftercare sheet paid, and I was sent on my merry way.

It hurt to bend for the rest of the day and I was nervous cleaning it over the next twenty four hours, and wondering, what did I just do (I've never been one to follow 'a crowd',so this was totally out of character for me). Over the year I used Softsoap and saline solution to clean the piercing. I must admit, I was lax about seasalt soaks. At the time, I lived with a person who did not approve of piercings - which probably led to my piercing's downfall, as he didn't know it existed. (I was pretty good at hiding it). I changed the ring to a barbell four months after I got it. It was less noticeable that way.

I kept the piercing for over a year, but, sadly, I had to take it out as it had migrated a little to the side and was a little uncomfortable (I am a little chubby, I didn't wear pants that were low-waisted enough ). It never really healed right, but I don't mind the little scar I got from the experience, unlike some others that have shared their stories here . It's a little reminder of what I once had. I hope the next piercing will fare better.

I don't regret the experience at all. Looking back, I should have kept it, but I will get it re-done again soon, but this time I will be older and wiser and will pay more attention on to the aftercare. Can't wait to pierce other parts of my body though!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Urge+Studios
Location: Victoria%2CBC

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