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My Navel piercing experience!

I had begged my mom and dad since I was 13 that I wanted my navel pierced. They said NO, who would see it anyways? I continued my begging until I was 17. One day when I was with some friends and my mom at the mall, i pointed out a belly button ring and told my mom," Now wouldn't that be cute?" She agreed and I asked her if she would finally agree to let me get it pierced, when she said yes I was in shock and begged her to take me right then. My mom didn't want to watch and we set the date to that weekend when her friend who loves piercings and tattoos agreed to take me.

That saturday I was shaky as I drove to my mothers friends house. I had only had my ears and my nose pierced up to this point and I was nervous about people seeing my stomach. As we pulled into the piercing parlor I was ready to back out! I was extremely nervous when I seen the guy who would be piercing my belly button. He wasn't clean himself and I was scared he wouldn't even use a sterile needle. There were snakes in cages in the parlor (I HATE snakes) and I began to be even more nervous. My moms friend assured me I would be fine and to stop being a baby. I was scared even more.

I began to fill out the usual paper work and waited out in the lobby for the piercer. As we walked into the piercing room the piercer told me to lift my shirt so he could inspect my belly button. He said it was perfect (whatever that was suppose to mean.) He marked my navel and asked me if it looked ok. I agreed, shaking, and prayed it would be over soon. He took out the needle and ring that would go into my belly button. The ring was just a plain silver ring with a barbell. I sat down in the dentist like chair as he reclined the chair a little. He asked me if I was ready and I told him to hurry up and get it over with. He laughed and again assured me I would be fine. As he placed the clamp on (which people say hurts worse then the needle) I felt just a little pressure, but it definetly didn't hurt. I awaited the needle and was told to take a deep breath in and out. I waited for the pinch of the needle and felt nothing. I looked down and realized the needle was through and the piercer was telling me he just had to put the jewelry in. I was done! It didn't hurt at all and I had been worked up for nothing. As he put the jewelry in i just felt a little bit of pressure but definetly nothing to be worried about.The whole procedure was over in about five minutes.

I walked out of the parlor in shock I had gone through with it. I was told to wash the piercing with listerine so I hurried to buy some from the nearest Kmart. I was amazed as I sat in my car that it didn't burn or sting at all. Even as I moved around and walked I did not even realize that it was there. I constantly looked at it in amazement not believing I had actually gone through with it! I showed everybody and even my father (who was strongly against me getting my navel pierced) agreed it was cute. I then went straight to the mall to pick out cute rings for my new piercing. There were tons of cute rings and I ended up picking out 76 dollars worth of jewelry, even though I was told not to change it for two months I was too excited to not buy cute jewelry.

During the 2 month healing process the worst part of the healing was the itchy I experienced for about a week as it healed. It hurt a little when the ring was tugged on and that was about it. If you are considering getting your navel pierced don't be a baby like I was and just go through with it. It was painless and in all actuality hurt less than getting my ears pierced (which stung.) It hurt 10 times less than my nose and my nose didn't hurt that bad. So don't get yourself scared because it is an easy piercing with virtually no pain. People also say that getting your navel pierced is practically the least painful piercings of all piercings. All people have different pain tolerances but mine is actually low and it did not hurt me at all, it was easy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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