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My first ever body piercing...

I'd always been a podgy child, so when I decided late last summer to finally shift the excess weight, I decided that when I got near my target weight I would finally have a navel piercing. I've always liked them and thought they were the most beautiful and feminine piercing. So after losing four stones in weight, I began to look into the possibility of getting my navel pierced. I'm no stranger to ear piercing, having my lobes done twice and a cartilage piercing in the top of my right ear, but body piercing was a whole new animal. So for a month or two I read everything I could find on navel piercing - including body jewellery stores, medical stuff, and most of all, this website as it's the best body modification resource on the web. After reading what seemed like hundreds of stories of experiences, I felt much more confident and even more excited about getting the piercing. With that in mind, I began to research local piercing studios in my area, and began ringing them up to see what their prices were like and if I could inspect their studios. Some said inspection was only allowed after you paid for the piercing, which I promptly decided I was not going to. So after ringing around a couple of places in my local towns and in Cardiff, I remembered there was a Blue Banana in Newport, so after checking out their website and the piercing information there, I phoned up the store and asked about piercing. They were really helpful and answered all my questions and the price seemed good as well - £22 for a piercing with titanium. I didn't make an appointment then and there as I was going on holiday pretty soon afterwards, but decided I would seriously look into it when I got back.

 I got back from holidays a week ago and promptly decided that I was getting my piercing done soon. As luck would have it my boyfriend lives in Newport and invited me down to stay for the weekend, so once that was all in place I prepared myself for getting the piercing done. I didn't make an appointment with Blue Banana as I wasn't sure what time we'd be in town.

We went into town on the Saturday and after getting some bits and pieces that we needed, I mentioned to him that I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced, so we went into Blue Banana. I asked the girl behind the desk if the prices were still the same, and then asked if they could fit me in as soon as possible. She said that there was a spare slot in fifteen minutes, which was great, and then asked me to fill in and sign a form. She didn't ask for any ID, probably because I'm 23 and look my age. Once that was done she gave me an aftercare sheet and a bottle of tea tree oil as well as a copy of the form that I'd signed, and I paid. Then came the exciting part - picking my jewellery. I decided on a multicoloured titanium bar with clear jewels in both of the balls, which she then took to be autoclaved and explained that it would be done while I waited. I took a seat near the piercing studio, which was in the back of the shop, and my boyfriend kept asking me if I was nervous. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't, as I felt really comfortable there and confident. When they called my name I went into the studio, which was spotlessly clean. I could see the needle laid out ready in a clear packet, and the autoclave machine and everything else. The piercer was lovely, her name was Kelly and she explained that everything was sterile and showed me the clamps in a packet, which had been autoclaved, I assume. I don't know if they were disposable but the needles were as she both showed me the sharps bin and explained. She changed her plastic gloves and then asked me to stand up straight and lift my top up. She marked my belly button with one of those purple pens, and asked me to look in the mirror to verify that it was straight. I had a good look and agreed that it was. She then asked me to lie down on the couch - like a black massage table, pretty much. While she was actually doing the piercing, she was explaining the aftercare to me, I don't know if that was to distract me but it was certainly helpful. She said that I should expect it to weep a white fluid (lymph) and that it might bleed a little bit but just to keep it clean and dry at all times, and clean it twice a day with salt solution and tea tree oil. The actual piercing didn't take long at all. She asked if I was happy to have the numbing spray, and I said yes as I was a bit nervous. She explained that it might make my skin a bit red, but that it would subside after a couple of days. I felt her put the clamps on, and I had been a tad nervous about this part because I had read that the clamps hurt. But it didn't hurt that much, just like a dull pinch. She then inserted the needle and it was the weirdest feeling. It certainly wasn't painful, I could just feel it sliding through my skin which was interesting. Then she put the jewellery in, which felt much the same, and said "Okay, you're all done." I couldn't believe it as it was virtually painless and so fast. She told me to have a look in the mirror, and I could have jumped for joy - it looked beautiful and it hadn't bled at al Later that evening when we'd gotten back, I cleaned it for the first time - just using a salt solution and tea tree oil, also a bit of antibacterial soap. It was lovely and clean still and not particularly sore. I've had it for two days now and it hasn't bled or wept at all, although it is a bit sore to the touch and it has swelled a little bit. I clean it twice a day with the salt soaks and dab a little tea tree oil on as well. I can't wait until it's healed, I've already been looking into new banana bars for it but I won't rush it, will wait however long it takes to heal.

To anyone thinking of getting their navel pierced, I would say definitely go for it. My experience was quick and painless and I would recommend Blue Banana to anyone. If anyone would like to know how my piercing is progressing, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. I hope this experience has been helpful to those of you contemplating a navel piercing. I will post another if there are any major changes while it's healing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Kelly
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Newport%2C+South+Wales

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