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Long Saga with Navel

I have just gotten my naval pierced for the 4th and hopefully final time. The previous two times were done improperly and/or my aftercare procedures were not correct.

The first time I got it done was at the Gauntlet in San Francisco about 11 years ago. Great place, very professional, friendly, clean and careful. The Gauntlet had a great reputation and most of my friends got pierced there, so I felt confident to go there to get it done. The piercing itself did not hurt, didn't feel a thing. Just felt the clamp and then he told me it was done. I didn't even know he did it. Back then, they always pierced with rings, not barbells. I chose a ring with a red oriental captive bead. The piercing itself was done properly, beautifully centered and everything. The piercing soon became somewhat infected as a 19 year old, couldn't take my hands off it. I used dial antibacterial soap, but got lazy and didn't always wash my hands before I touched it. I think with proper aftercare and refraining from touching it would have made this piercing heal nicely. However, months after I got it done, my mom saw it and she demanded I take it out. I was heartbroken, I didn't want to, but had to in front of her. The hole closed up right away and the skin healed over.

I decided to get it done again about a few years after the first one. This time got it done at Cold Steel in San Francisco, which had taken over the Gauntlet after it closed. This time the piercing hurt just a tiny bit. Still wasn't too bad and coped quite well. This one stayed in for about 6 months until my skin just kept shrinking and it kept migrating out. I deduced this to improper aftercare. I ended up having to take it out.

After this one, I decided not to get one done, so went for about 6 years without even thinking of getting one. Then after I moved to London I got the itch again. I read about the piercing itself and the aftercare. I decided to try my luck and go to Eclipse piercing in London. What a huge mistake. First off, they were very rude, didn't really speak english well and didn't stress to me the importance of proper aftercare. The piercing was done by a very strange looking woman who gave me the creeps. I explained that I had it pierced a couple times before and that it needs to be pierced behind the old scar tissue. The piercing hurt like a bitch this time, I was in major pain. When I looked at it, it was crooked, a bit wonky. I pointed this out to her and her excuse was that I had it done previously and there are no guarantees for a straight piercing. I felt the bar between the two holes and realised that the piercing was too shallow. She had not pierced it enough behind the scar tissue. But I was determined to try and keep it up and make sure it went well. The guy behind the counter told me to do sea salt soaks but didn't stress the measurements. I told them that I was going to the carribean in about a month and if I was able to go into the pool and ocean. He said the ocean would be the best thing for my piercing because of the natural sea salt.

I only had the piercing about 4 months before it too grew out again. I went into Cold Steel in London and the guy took one look at it and told me that I should take it out and let it heal and that he could re-pierce it in about a month. He gave me a great education and session on the proper aftercare and couldn't stress enough that the aftercare was what would make or break the piercing. He said that I could get it done and so long as I followed the aftercare to the tee, with measurements and all, it should have no problem healing proerly. So I decided to wait and get it re-pierced there. After a month, he still said it was not healed up enough to pierce, that the wound was still too shiny and that it had to be darker before he could pierce it. He was very careful and after four months, it still looked the same. I was frustrated because I just wanted to get it done again and get it over with.

I went on a long weekend trip to Dublin with two of my girlfriends. We visited a shop there called Metal Morphosis. There was a lady and an adorned guy working there, very nice and helpful with all my questions about getting my naval done again and about my previous tongue piercing. The guy looked at my navel and said that if its been four months, I should be okay to pierce again. I decided to get pierced there on the day I left so that I can start the aftercare when I got home. I was so nervous about the pain, since last time it was so painful. The lady pierced me after I explained my whole history. She clamped me and did it very quickly, and without any pain. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked. The only time it hurt was when she adjusted and tightened the jewelry. There was a good size bruise around my belly but I have a feeling that it was from the clamp. They had an aftercare pack with antibacterial cleanser, cotton swabs, antibiotic ointment, and dressings. I was told to keep the dressing on my navel for 24 hours and to clean it 3 times a day with the antibacterial cleanser with a cotton swab. The piercing was nice, straight, beautiful and deep! I was very pleased but felt a bit guilty that I didn't get it done at Cold Steel. Its been a few weeks now, the piercing is looking good, haven't touched it at all except with cotton buds. Its now got a little bit of crust that comes off in the shower. I don't even do the sea salt soaks so much, the antibacterial cleanser that came with the aftercare pack is perfect and you don't have to worry about getting the measurements correct.

So fingers crossed, so far so good.

My next piercing: clitoral hood (yikes) My next tattoo: another dragon (very excited)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Elaine
Studio: Metal+Morphosis
Location: Dublin%2C+Ireland

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