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inverse navel=happy

  Ever since I was 16 I wanted my belly button pierced. My friend Samantha was the first person I knew who had her belly button pierced and I feel in love with the piercing the first time she showed it to me. I knew I wanted one! Of course my parents wouldn't go for the idea. They gave me the whole "when your 18 you can get it done". I guess they thought I would never really get it done because I'm not a big fan of needles, or pain.

My 18th birthday came and went and it seemed like the idea of getting my navel piercing had faded. I was away at college and I didn't know any good piercing places where I was so I gave up on the idea, until one night. One of my good friends (who has several piercing) had heard of a place a few towns away that was a really great piercing place, and inexpensive! I went with her to check out the place (she got her nose pierced when we went). I was a very nice and clean place. I still waited thought because I wanted something different. I didn't want just another belly button piercing I wanted something special.

A few months went by, and I decided it was time to get my piercing. After many, many hours of looking at pictures of navel piercing on BME I decided on an inverse navel piercing. I asked my boyfriend what he thought about the idea and he thought it would look really great. So we headed to the piercing place that my friend got her nose pierced at.

It was almost an hour drive. I was so excited I could barely stand it. Went we got to the piercing place it was CLOSED FOR THE WEEK! My heart sank. I had finally gotten the guts to get my navel pierced and the place was closed! I decided that today was going to be the day that I was getting it done and nothing was going to stop me. Lucky for me there was another piercing shop about 5 minutes down the road.

We went in and checked out the place. It was very clean, even cleaner then the other shop. So after speaking to the man behind the counter (who had about a million tattoos) about what I wanted I was told to wait because the piercer was not in as of yet. So my boyfriend and I sat down and looked at a photo album of different tattoos and piercings that were done at the shop. I could barely contain myself. Waiting was the worst part. My nerves were getting the best of me. I never had a "real" piercing before. All I had done was my ears. I was scared that it was really going to hurt.

Finally, after what felt like forever but was really about 10 minutes the piercer showed up. He was a really nice guy; I don't remember his name though. I felt really out of place being in the shop as we walked to the piercing room. The room was pretty plane, white walks and a green dentist like chair.

The piercer put on a pair of new gloves and asked me to lift up my shirt as he marked the piercing. I explained that I wanted an inverse navel. He cleaned and marked the lower part of my navel with three lines, two horizontally and one vertical line so the piercing was perfectly center. I checked in the mirror it was dead on.

Then he had me lie back on the "dentist chair" and explained everything to me about what was about to happen. He told me that he was going to pierce me freehand because it was less traumatizing to the skin and I would heal faster. He unwrapped the needle in front of me as he told me to place my arms at my sides. My heart was racing at this point. One thought was racing through my head "I can't believe I'm really doing this". I didn't look as he was doing the piercing. I didn't want to move because I was scared I would mess up the placement of the needle.

I'm not going to lie it did hurt a little as the needle went through. It wasn't a huge OH MY GOD pain but it was enough to make me think ouch! In the time it took for me to think ouch the needle went in and out and the jewelry went in. It was literally a minute at the most. When he told me He was done I couldn't believe it. It was so quick. I got up and looked at my shinny new piercing in the mirror. It looked wonderful! I smiled at the new curved barbell that sparked back at me. The piercer explained how to take care of the piercing.

I walked to the front of the shop where my boyfriend was waiting. I got another surprise when I went to pay because the piercer told me my boyfriend had already paid for me (he is so sweet!). My boyfriend was dying to see the piercing so I turned around and showed him. He loved it!

I followed all the aftercare rules. I didn't have any real problems with it healing, other then it got a little irritated toward the end of the healing possess. I figured that the piercing wasn't getting enough air so I changed the jewelry to something that let it breath more. After that I had no more problems!

I am 100% happy with my piercing. Everyone who has seen it loves that I got an inverse navel. When I showed my friend Samantha she thought it was really cool, and different. That is just what I wanted.

If you're thinking about getting your navel pierced, I say go for it. Just make sure that you keep up with the after care because that is the keep to a happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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