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Blinged Out Belly Button

Well. To start off my name is Mara. I've ALWAYS really liked piercing, before getting my belly button don't I'd already had 7 piercing.

But, about my Belly now. So, I'd been asking my mom for about a year about getting my belly button done. And she said in 6 months I could get it, I knew she didn't mean it thought. But, about 8 or 9 months later I just asked, she was a little hesitant at first but then she was like "fine. Whatever. I'm NOT paying for it." I was ecstatic. I bugged her about it ALL DAY but then she never took me. So, the next day I got up and made a few calls to places where I was considering getting pierced.

I wanted it because I knew a few people who had had them and I thought they were just so cute and would look great with my bathing suit. And we had just gotten a new pool so I figured I'd ask my mom. The worst that would happen is she'd say no.

At first I was going to go to Acid Works because my very best friends Jackie and Garret both told me good things about it. But I knew something would go wrong and loan and behold my mother couldn't find my birth certificate or anything that proved I was me. So, then after looking for a good 3 hours I decided we would just go somewhere else.

Then I got out the trusty phone book and looked for places close to me. I asked Jackie about Electric and she told me about someone who had been pierced there but, his got infected. But it was his fault. So, I was like okay, I can handle that as long as it wasn't their fault. She assured me it wasn't so I decided it was go time.

I climbed into my mom's truck and got all excited. Once we arrived I got a little nervous but not to much. We talked to the lady at the desk. And while my mom filled out papers I looked around. It seemed clean enough so I watched some girl talk to a tattoo guy about getting a big Jack Skellington on her back. It was a cute tattoo but she couldn't get it where she wanted it. I felt bad for her. But, then my mom was like "GO with him!" so I went to the piercing chair.

I was a little nervous but not to bad. He marked my belly with pen to make sure he was piercing evenly. Then I laid down and he cleaned some stuff and got everything ready. He explained what he was going to do and he asked if I wanted him to tell me when he was going to do it I decided that was a NO. So, then he clamped me and shoved it through my belly. All I really said was OW. Nothing to bad. I was surprised. Then I got up and it burned really badly. But, what do you expect it's in your stomach. I went over to the mirror and checked it out. I LOVED IT. Even my mom liked it and she was kind of reluctant about taking me.

Then Jeremy told me how to take care of it and stuff. After that I walked out and climbed into my mom's truck again. It was super sore after getting done. Then I went to my aunt's house to show off my new blinged out belly button. Everyone loved it. But, I like didn't want to bend over or anything because it hurt so friggin bad. My belly was sore for about a week or so afterwards but, all the soreness was WELL WORTH IT!! I had a little bit of trouble with mine afterwards keeping it clean but, I think it was probably my fault.

Now, my belly is about 2 or 3 months old and every now and then it gets a little bit gross and pus comes out but I clean it up and I usually have no problem with it. If anyone wants to get their belly button done I suggest that you get it done because it doesn't really hurt and it looks really cute with a bathing suit. So, after all the soreness and cleaning and such my belly ring is beautiful I haven't changed it from the ring I got it done in yet though. But, I have taken it out and everything is okay and the only time it hurts now is if I snag it on something or someone pulls on it to hard. From what I've seen of other peoples belly rings I advise you to not put it big gaudy rings because it stretches out your holes witch looks DISGUSTING and it makes your hole look wrinkly too, gross. I know from experience that a cartilage piercing is A LOT worse than a belly button.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Eletric+Chair
Location: Flint

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