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Best time of my life!

The summer before high school started I made an agreement with my mom. She promised me that if I got all A's freshman and sophomore year, that I would be allowed to pierce my belly button. So of course I got all A's.
So, today the time had come to go get it pierced. The place I got it pierced at (Lady Luck in Waterford, Michigan) required you to make an appointment, so I scheduled it for 3:00 pm on Monday, June 18th.
The days before all I could do was think about how exciting it will be. I wasn't nervous until the few quick moments before it was actually pierced. Anyways, when we first got there the first thing I did was pick out my belly ring. They had a lot of choices and I picked out an silver curved bar bell with aqua gems at each end that are really sparkley. It was a little hard deciding what I wanted because I knew I would have to keep this in for a long time. The lady helping us pick them out told us that I could not change it BY MYSELF for at least a year, but I could come into the shop and they would replace mine for free if I bought another one of their rings. She also told me that in a couple months after people get their belly buttons pierced, the size of barbell required will be shorter and that once I notice a part of the barbell sticking out, it's time to change it. They'll also do that for only about $25. Then we paid her $75 and she had us fill out paperwork. Because I am only 15, I had to bring in my birth certificate, school ID, and I also needed my mom present with her driver's license. The lady helping us then had us read a pamphlet. The pamphlet told me to wear loose clothing, wear waterproof band aids when swimming in pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, or anything like that, use a warm water soak WITHOUT sea salt for the first week (and after the first week begin to add about 1/4 of a teaspoon of sea salt into it and to do the soak for about five to ten minutes--do this twice a day), and to wash it once in the shower either at night or in the morning with the special soap (she told me it would be best to pick a specific day to do this). It also told us NEVER to touch it with dirty hands and only to "play with it" or move it while cleaning it. After that she went over the main ideas in the pamphlet and after that it was time to go into one of the private rooms.
I brought my best friend along for moral support. I also wanted her to be in the room to video tape it (just for fun). But the woman told me that only one person could accompany me into the room. She also said that because I was under eighteen, this person had to be my mother. So, disappointed, I then decided my mom would be the person to video tape my experience. Then the woman set another rule. There was to be no video taping or pictures at the place. I was pretty sad then, but still excited to get pierced! After this we went into the VERY CLEAN and TIDY room. This is the nicest shop ever. Anyone who lives in this area should come here!!! Inside the room, the actual piercer had me stand up to mark me. It took a long time, and I was being very picky, but she had no problem with the changes I kept requesting and totally understood that if it wasn't perfect in my eyes, it would always bother me. Eventually (after about 30 minutes or so) she laid me down and cleaned around my belly button a little more. Finally she put the clamps down on my belly button. Most people say this is the most painful part of the experience, but honestly, I did not even feel them. It wasn't painful at all.
She didn't give me a warning or count down before she pierced my naval, she just did it. I would have asked for her to do this anyways, because I would get to anxious and nervous if she had done it any other way. The piercing was NOTHING! It felt like a tiny little pinch. It was basically painless! It was a huge relief! I have had it pierced for about four and a half hours now, and I've had no pain at all.
For anyone who is considering piercing their navel, but is too scared to actually do it in fear of it being to painful--JUST DO IT! It doesn't hurt at all. I think that my ear piercings may have even hurt more. Overall, this was just a great experience. I'm so proud of myself for doing it. It's beautiful and I am in love with it.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tiffany
Studio: Lady+Luck
Location: Waterford%2C+Michigan

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