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Navel piercing; then and now.

Background So, a bit of background information first. A few years ago, I got my standard navel piercing. I was thirteen or fourteen, and didn't know anything about it other than it looked 'pretty'. None of my friends had any piercings other than the standard gunned lobes, and they actually threatened to stop being friends with me if I got mine. Well, I had my priorities, and feeling good about myself was right at the top. So, I wrote a note 'from my mom' to the piercer, who was known (and still is) for piercing underage kids, and not piercing them very well. I got my navel piercing, with CBR because it cost $10 less than if I'd gotten it with a curved barbell. Getting it pierced with a CBR isn't smart, especially when you're still growing, and when you want to wear a curved barbell, as it is actually pierced slightly different when you get a CBR. It wasn't pierced straight, and it ended up growing out quite a bit, until there was about three or four millimetres between entry and exit points.

Looking back in retrospect A couple years on, and I could look back and see everything that was done wrong that day. I deeply regret it, but everyone has to start somewhere I guess. I just wish I'd known then everything I know now.

Between then and now About half a year ago, I took the piercing out once and for all. I left it six months or so for the fistula to reabsorb, and then it was my next birthday. What better to do than to get a new piercing? (Er, I also ended up getting a new tattoo, a beautiful butterfly for my mom, but that's not the point). So, tonight after doing the usual birthday stuff and picking up my new glasses, I went down to see my piercer and get my navel done again, properly. Last year I got an inverse navel piercing (along with ten or so other piercings), so I knew this would be a breeze. I'd say the inverse navel was my most painful, bypassing other piercings like my nipples and cartilage.

Preparation I walked into the shop and waited while my piercer got back from the bathroom. She didn't know it was me who was coming in next, so when she saw me we had a bit of a chat before getting into it. She went into the piercing room to set up while I chose my jewellery (a purple jewelled curved barbell). She got set up, and I went into the small but tidy room and we had a bit of a chat before actually getting into the piercing. She got me to stand up, with my shirt rolled up so I could relax my arms by my side whilst she marked me up. She marked me up after cleaning my navel and the surrounding area with betadine, and then got me to move around a bit to make sure it was alright. The marking was harder than usual, as there were still the scars from my previous navel piercing, and the top mark ended up coming through the middle of this scar. There was no way of getting out of that, so I'll just have to watch it carefully to make sure it doesn't migrate. She asked if I wanted to check it in the mirror, but I trust her judgement and didn't bother.

Piercing I lay down, and she checked the marks again. They were perfect. She clamped me up, taking a while to get it right as the scar tissue made it a bit more complicated than it usually would be. By this stage she'd changed her gloves a few times, and we'd been chatting away. I decided I wanted to watch, so I propped my head up. Unfortunately, this wasn't comfortable, so I opted for lying down instead of watching. A pity, as I generally like watching my piercings. Anyway... she asked if I was ready, got the needle, I breathed in, I breathed out, and in went the needle. I felt a bit of a tug as it tried to pass through the scar tissue; unlike usually, when the needle usually slides through, it wasn't nearly as smooth. A couple seconds later, I had the needle sticking out of my navel. I propped myself up to watch the rest. She rested the clamp against my stomach as she reached over to get the jewellery. She counted my down as the jewellery entry may have be a bit tighter than usual because of the scar tissue (it wasn't), and threaded the jewellery through. She screwed on the top ball, and gave me a couple seconds before she started cleaning up.

I'm a bleeder, I think this is because I get really excited before getting a piercing and my blood is already pumping quickly around my body. She went through a few pieces of gauze and then disposed of everything, leaving me for a couple minutes for my blood to start clotting. She stood around and we chatted a bit more, then she finished cleaning me up. I stayed lying down as she talked me through aftercare (She didn't need to; I know it all). Ok, so I didn't really get talked through aftercare. I think we just chatted about aftercare in general, and wondering at some of the completely stupid things regarding aftercare advice given by other piercers we've heard. I sat up, got my stuff together and went down to meet my mom for dinner. She surveyed my face and looked confused, before asking "where is it?" I showed her, and she made her usual 'I can't believe you did that to yourself' face, and that was that.


submitted by: Habitual_Neurosis
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Location: Tauranga%2C+New+Zealand.

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