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Navel piercings and exercise

I was always adamantly against getting my navel pierced, until for some reason, I decided to get it done. The only real concern I had was exercise- I am a bit of a gym junkie and was worried I would have to take time off the gym, and would have trouble exercising with the piercing. I talked to a piercer, and some friends with their bellies pierced who all assured me the exercise would be fine after a few days.

So after MONTHS of deliberating, I bit the bullet and got it done. The procedure was simple, choose a jewelled barbell, approve markings, lie down, in goes the needle. For me, it hurt a bit. It was comparable to drawing blood. Nothing excruciating. Afterwood, it wasn't painful, I just experienced some mild discomfort, which was also alleviated by my excitement of having it done.

Aftercare was no big deal, although it can be a pain in the arse finding time to soak the piercing. To clean a fresh piercing, 1 quarter teaspoon in 1 cup of boiled cooled water, place cup directly over piercing and soak for a couple of minutes. Also, gently drizzle some soap (your piercer will recommend soap) diluted in water over your piercing in the shower and gently move bar. Rinse well, and pat dry with a tissue.

I had a small amount of blood on my piercing the morning after, but it came off easily in the shower. The first couple of times cleaning stung a little, but after that it was fine.

That day, I was browsing a (less than reputable) jewellery store that also does piercings, when the piercer came and started chatting to me and showing me navel bars. She asked me if I had it done, and I enthusiastically flashed her my navel.

I was then shot back down to earth faster than you can say "standard navel piercing". The piercer began to rattle on "Why is the piercing crooked? Why is it so shallow? What kind of jewellery is in that? Why is the gem so big?, before proceeding to tell me that my piercing was placed incorrectly, and that she would be happy to repierce it for me through the same entry hole and making a new exit hole. I thanked her for her help and said I had to think about it before making a hasty exit.

Was she right? I don't know. All I can say is, the piercing looks fine to my untrained eyes. Maybe she was genuine, maybe she wanted my money, I don't know. For now, I will just keep an eye on it.

On the 5th day, a redness appeared around the top hole, and is still there, although slowly subsiding. The top balls also crusts occasionally. Another thing I can say- when it gets knocked- owww. Besides that, it's fine.

Cut to a week and a half later. I decided to go back to the gym and try my old routine. BIG mistake. Here, I learn, the piercing was a big mistake. There is no way I can keep up my routine. I don't really want to have to modify my program for the whole healing period. Weight lifting is fine, even crunches and ab work is fine, but higher impact cardio- like running- totally out of the question for now. I guess the jiggling or up and down motion irritates the piercing. At the time, its uncomfortable, but after awhile, it's just downright painful. At the moment (3 weeks later) I am still taking it pretty easy at the gym, which I am none to happy about. If I'm not back to normal after 6 weeks, I predict I'll remove it. I also will be upset if it scars, which is something I didn't even think about when I was considering getting it done. I also strongly suspect that the pressure from exercising may prolong the healing process, but I'm no professional. Oh- I have also developed an allergic reaction to the bandage I am supposed to cover it with when exercising.

I suppose I don't really regret the piercing, and I hope it works out. But I am finding, for me, it does not really mix with exercise, so if you are an athlete, or runner, this is something to think about before you get pierced. I feel a little bit misled by what my piercer said, as i trusted her opinion that it would be 100% fine, I probably would not have got it done if I knew that this would happen.
Exercise aside, if this wasn't an issue, I would have no problems with the piercing. It does hurt occasionally, but nothing to write home about. I could bend over the day I got it done. It looks great and I feel much sexier with it. If you are a gym freak, or move around a lot, think long and hard first. Besides that: go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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